May 23, 2019


It is a topic which causes parents to go on tenter hooks.Be it admission for playschool or main school,parents are anxious and they cannot leave any stone unturned to procure admission to the so called best and prestigious schools where they reside.

Due to the over population there is difficulty procuring admission in good schools.People send small children for coaching to get through interviews for schools.What exactly are we trying to do?

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”-Yeats

We want to produce parrots instead of logical thinking adults as Aristotle has said”Educating the mind ,without educating the heart is no education at all.”

I have myself gone through this grind but i want others to learn from the mistakes we committed.As soon as my son started going to the nearby playschool, i was thrilled.He would come home and start spouting rhymes,tables,numbers,alphabets.My mind was conjuring images of him getting into one of the prestigious convent schools,.With such a treasure  trove of knowledge.He never lisped and his speech being clear,i knew he would make it.

With great difficulty we had procured the admission form ,standing in a queue in the wee hours of the morning in the harsh winter.But anything for him to get admission in the said school.With great pains,we filled the admission form,which was worse than completion of my doctoral thesis.

We reached the school dot on time and as soon as his name was anounced,we sent him in with the maid as no parent was allowed.But it seemed it was not his day,he stood transfixed staring at the wall,while the board asked him a few basic questions.They sent him out with a toffee.He came out expressionless,we knew the result.We rued about it but nothing could be done.

Now we tried for the second best,we tried to boost his morale,so he wouldbe successful.We reached on time ,this time the interview was a mixed kid interview,from where they would short list the smart kids.We parents too had to face the interview,answering basic questions, it looked as if we were applying for a job and they were grilling us.This time the scamp was too involved in playing with the toys and blocks,which were the props for the interview.He least bothered about the questions,played and came out.I was in tears as i was worried if any school would grant him admission.

The next school we visited had a different way to judge the child.They had set a test paper for the parents.A set of books had been given to us to prepare for the test along with the admission form.It was a two hour ordeal,writing an essay and answering logical questions.That was the limit as they coul assess the child’s gene pool.While our son sat enjoying in their playground,we both slogged writing the essay and doing logical thinking.

Here we were to blame as we did not come out in flying colours.Now i was getting desperate seeing the idiosyncracies of schools.Some wanted the parents and child to be fluent in english,some wanted a SAHM(stay at home mom)to teach the child,some did not have transport and some had the lottery system a la Hindi Medium(movie)

At last i tried a not so named but good school,where he was given a double promotion from Lkg directly to class one.He was asked to distinguish between wild and domestic animals.He spouted a list of wild animals but named one domestic but on prodding he managed with a Giraffe ,so on crossquestioning how a giraffe could be a pet,he nailed it aptly by keeping a baby giraffe.That sent them into peals and he was granted admission.

“Aim of education is the knowledge not of facts, but of values.”-W.Burroughs

So keep calm and leave the child to do his best.

Dr.Preeti Talwar

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