April 24, 2019

Second Class Citizen

The Constitution together with all the rules and regulations have promised equality to all the citizens of Bharat. But it has been increasingly becoming clear that devout Hindus are being treated as Second Class Citizens while those who make the loudest noises over fake issues and claim to be discriminated are treated as First Class Citizens. These two classes are kept in a constant state of war by Five Star Citizens. There is no equality in the eyes of the law when it comes to the Second Class Citizen and this discrimination is celebrated among some of the groups of Second Class Citizens for one reason or another.

The Five Star Citizens are those for whom no laws or procedures apply. They break every law of the land and abuse the law in public and yet the government works as slaves to these citizens. Most notable of these Five Star Citizens are the politicians, most of the top notch government servants, several of the celebrities, public money usurpers, etc. For these Five Star Citizens rules would be changed to make their lives easy and the government would wait at their door steps and make appeals to these citizens in the hope that they follow the law of the land. Speaking of law, it has too long arms and too nimble feet and takes its own time to move and catch. None of these Five Star Citizens ever face the fate of the common Second Class Citizens because of their Stars be it astrological or other. The lower Star citizens too exist who live on the crumbs thrown away by the higher stared citizens and mostly live in the same way but in less grandeur.

The First Class Citizens are those who have the loudest of noises to make over the most fake issues and yet get a sympathetic ear. A few among the First Class Citizens have alien and anti-human ideologies and have never tried to integrate with the rest of the population for the fear of losing their privileged status. These First Class Citizens have always looked down upon the original inhabitants of this land and had a feeling of pseudo-superiority based on violence potential (mental and physical). The First Class Citizens are those who have special exclusive laws created without any rational or logical basis. The independence movement has lead to the creation of First Class Citizens who got the best bargain from the constitution and their interests are the most protected. The Five Star Citizens could enjoy their life style of luxury only if they have the support of First Class Citizens and hence have always worked to empower the First Class Citizens only.

The lowest level of citizens are the Second Class Citizens even though the Five Starred ones keep claim that it is the Dalits who are at the lowest and create an artificial race to reach the bottom.  The so called Dalits in reality are officially part of First Class Citizens of this country with special laws and provisions to safe guard their interests but the pity is that most of them donot about the laws that exist. All the other citizens are unofficially the Second Class Citizens who have to face the law over every issue and every action of these citizens is scrutinized by the law mostly in letter and rarely in spirit on an ad hoc basis. To sample a few the festival celebrations are attacked because they donot satisfy the letter of law, their opinions are crushed because they donot satisfy the so called spirit of law and their lifestyle is attacked because it needs reforms as it does not satisfy the lawmakers’ tastes. The Second Class Citizens have to fight the government and other Citizens to make a day to day living and yet the law only works to attack these people and not the others. The government is busy how to deal with them and put more laws on these Second Class Citizens who are already highly law abiding.

The recent events that happened in this country donot instill confidence in the government be it state level or central level because of the mistreatment based on the Class or Stars. The Second Class Citizens have been facing the brunt of government failures in every step and yet are patient in the hope of better days. There is only little the Second Class Citizens can do because there is no other country and there is no other agency for them apart from the governments that form and hence have to work with the same discriminatory agencies. Worst among the Five Star Citizens and First Class Citizens have created monsters that have killed Second Class Citizens in the name of riots, communism, terrorism, etc and yet the there is blow back of any kind. How long the Second Class Citizens will face the discrimination is anybody’s guess.

The ideology of the Second Class Citizens of this country is such that it puts a premium on giving a very long rope to reform. Even a Dhuryodhana is advised by none other than Lord Krishna to follow Dharma and when he did not decide to reform the Kurukshetra had happened. The gods of Second Class Citizens have taken up weapons so that the citizens themselves do not take it for every issue. It is for this reason the Second Class Citizens give a lot of respect to the people of security forces. But can the governments that control these forces respect the Second Class Citizens or the respect to the lives is limited only to the First Class and Five Star citizens. The governments of the day are abusing the lives of Second Class Citizens and everyone will pay heavily when this group says enough is enough.

There is still a few decades of time left for reform and it is a message of caution because seeing the way the Second Class Citizens are being mistreated the violent ones are bound to take lead. The violent ones from us, the Second Class Citizens would put to shame every other force whenever they rise because we have followed the Dharma which has always been on our side. The Bhairava, Rama, Krishna, Chamundi, etc are to name only a few who rise to restore the equality which is akin to Dharma. The government is either hoping for the rise of the violent ones or is it blind to the events that are happening. But one thing is becoming clear – the safety, security and equality are being given a miss for some reason or other and the blow back is definitely going to be there and there is no stopping it. But at what time it happens only time will tell and the bloody fight is going to be interesting because it will be like no other. On one hand it will be the governments of the day which claim to be supporting equality and on the other side it will be the Dharmic ones representing the justice in truest sense. Hopefully this fight should never happen.

Let the sanity prevail and all Citizens are treated equally before government and same laws apply to everyone. This Dharmic fight shall definitely move to physical world if this discrimination continues. And this is how various violent groups have started but none of them could match the warriors from among the Second Class Citizens. Time will witness to such a fight for equality.

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