November 15, 2018


Appeasement politics is considered HOLY, genuflect to the minorities begging them to bestow their valuable vote is livelihood for some politicians. Parties have religiously cultivated this brand of politics and have branded this as SECULARISM.

HINDUS have to toe the secularism line, even a wee bit of deviation entails consequences and repercussions.

The intellectuals (sic) descend in droves to preach the virtues of secular ethos and harangue about fictitious damage to the delicate fabric of religious equation (which obviously is loaded in favour of minorities).

Dhulagarh laid bare the complex web of ‘PoliticoSecular’ equation at play.

Under the present Political dispensation, Bengal with a sizable minority population has decisively veered towards an extreme appeasement narrative that portends fears of civil unrest.

Surprisingly the Intellectuals are nowhere to be seen. No awards returned, no Media debate on INTOLERANCE, no ‘SeculoLiberal’ Politician queuing up to share his (superficial) condolences, no ‘Neta’ announcing eye popping compensation.

This charade can’t be allowed any further, it’s time to stop the proponents of this ugly brand of politics from continuing with their British era genre of ‘divide and rule’ policy for selfish reasons.

Society polarised unfairly in favour of a particular community is a society that’s on the edge of a precipice , a disaster waiting to happen .

“Selective TOLERANCE begets INTOLERANCE which isn’t in INDIA’s interest.”


Picture Credit: Struggle for Hindu Existence


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