May 24, 2019

Self Declaration by Modi Hater’s: Check the Template

Proposal for Modi Haters

It is normal to criticize Modi and tag his supporters as Bhakts but real logical reason to visit a Psychiatrist if blaming is not backed up by facts. From Nov 8 onward I have seen the trend of WhatsApp messages. It started with information on what this exercise was about and how to exchange currency notes. Then it turned to Humor, this was also OK, I would say. Gradually it took dirty shape. I found some people worse than Kejriwal and Rahul. Their hatred for Modi is visible in the content they read and forward /share. If questioned they don’t own responsibility.

Well I pity them. And I only hope all Modi haters to make a public declaration. This should be as follows:




I____________Son / Daughter of ____________ solemnly declare that I am a Modi hater and I would like to enjoy the benefits of congress era. Any benefits arising out of present day government should not be given to me. 

I have read, understood and accepted that Modi is a failure PM and I believe in Congress/AAP Era taxation and other benefits. I further state that I am signing this document in full conciousness and am not under the influence of liquor and not signing under duress. I also say that no one has coerced me, instead I am happy to make my identity known to rest of fellow citizens and take pride in doing so. 

If at all my demands are not met then I shall be compelled to donate all direct and indirect benefits arising out of present PM efforts and policies to recognised NGO or Trust of repute.


Self Authorized Modi Hater

(Signature)                                           PAN Card No:                Aadhar Card No:


Though expecting PM to legalize such a document is foolishness but imagine if this option is created, what would be the response of such Modi haters?

The basic idea of this draft is to show mirror to all who keep asking where are Achhe Din? and keep saying I voted for MODI and that AAP and Congress are better. Dude please don’t vote for him in 2019. He will still win and it is better not to have such voters who want to criticize just for the sake of it. Better to have citizens who criticize him with facts. Too many important things to be done 24 hours.

Picture Credit: TOI


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