April 19, 2019

Sensitive & Important

The ordinarily intolerant minorities of India have been considered important in our constitutional scheme of things. Also these minorities are highly sensitive to any criticism about the bigotry that exists in their society and is a problem for all others who live with them. But the article is not about the minorities but about the Black coats who are behaving the intolerant minorities of our country.

The Indian constitution has created two classes of citizens, minority and majority and then it has discriminated the majority citizens to appease the minority. Various political leaders have further taken the process of discrimination against the majority. The black coats who consider the upholders of the democracy seem to have forgotten their basic elemental study that all citizens are equal and have even approved the discrimination without considering the sensitiveness of the majority community.

The current lots of black coats have failed in giving the speedy justice and have dragged on years providing great to all those anti-constitutional elements. Terrorists, murderers, rapists, law breakers, looters, thieves, public property destroyers, encroachers including the illegal migrants have all been protected by speedy justice to provide relief or their cases are prolonged for so long that people are fed of any punishment but have now decided to be happy with allegations only.

For all their failure to provide relief to the common man, the black coats have now considered to further discriminate the citizens. The bloated ego of the black coats is making them to discriminate against the cases pending and the on-going cases in the various courts. The balck coats want to distinguish between the regular cases and the sensitive & important cases. How can any case be less important than other when everyone single citizen is equal and all of their concerns are considered to be allegedly equal in the discriminating constitution that majority community has to follow in letter and other community has to alter to suit its spirits.

The black coats should answer what is the meaning of the sensitive and important cases and they should be taught about the principle of equality. Whether the dahi handi, jallikattu, pedophile religious leaders, kashimiri genocides, lakh crore corruption, public official corruption, judicial corruption, nirbhya case or one among the thousand cases quality for their attention? The black coats should tell why all cases are not considered as sensitive and important and how they decide?

The bigotry of the black coats is well known but now it is out in the public. “Sensitive and Important cases” my foot, it is only the something else that cannot be spoken is the issue. Deny justice and hurt the nation to get some things that cannot be mentioned.


Picture Credit: Screenshot from Twitter @ippatel 



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