April 26, 2019

Separatist and their Well Wishers – Courier them to Pakistan

Separatist have been enjoying their life at tax payers money.

These are barbarian in a civilized society mocking our constitution 24 x 7. Removing Article 370 is more of a technical process but to give a stern message to separatist and their well wishers does not require anybody permission.

It’s the government that has to take a call. Our PM and Defence Minister have been doing whatever is required but that is not enough. Now that the pandora box is opened. PM has already spoken about Baluchistan, a message has to be given to the separatist that they mend their ways or else they will be couriered  to Pakistan.

Why on earth we allow anti India people to survive on tax payers money. Then we have media people and social activist who support them. Most of these people had a free hand in congress days.  These are handful of people leading and supporting Kashmir ki Azaadi. Let Pakistan be their host till eternity.

Kashmir 1 Kashmir 6

Law abiding citizens are literally frustrated and want to ask our PM for how long our armed forces will keep on loosing their precious life. For how long we pay the price of following international pressure. Be it UN or amnesty. US had the guts to sell a fake WMD campaign and attack IRAQ.  Now wiki leaks comes out with information Hillary assisted in giving weapons to ISIS and what are we doing? Can’t even protect our law abiding citizens.

We are talking about supporting Baluchistan. That’s a great idea. They need our support. Bigger question is how can we do that if we can’t teach anti India Kashmir 5people a lesson. We can’t send our Kashmiri Pandits back to their native place. We just spoke about creating a township for Kashmiri Pandits and the separatist are openly threatening us with dire consequences. We are talking of having a dialogue with separatist leader. What for? This is a prefect recipe for disaster.

How can you negotiate with a group of people who are openly demanding a different state. No doubt on our armed forces and assisting Baluchistan but we need to clean our home simultaneously.

We keep demanding that Pakistan should not allow it’s soil to be used by anti India forces and terrorists. What are we doing? Let us attend to the separatist first. To sum up the discussion. There are two options government should consider.

(1) Put all separatist in jail for anti national agenda. This should also include people giving surrogate support to them

(2) Send all such people to Pakistan. They can use their freedom of expression from across the border.

The separatist are face of an illegal movement and terrorism can’t be fought unless the separatist and their supporters in media and NGO are not dealt with an iron fist. Government has been too kind with some of the most vocal media people as well. High time all such people are shown the exit door.

Thanks to Twitter friends for screen shots.


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