February 19, 2019

Shaheed should not be Numbers Anymore

Shaheed should no more be numbers in News. Definitely after failure of democracy the government would be planning a short term and a long term road map. Whatever it is, the results need to be tangible. They may be small but the need to eliminate the stone pelters and terrorists is need of the hour. Public is bound to outrage and give suggestion when such casualty happens. Same goes true for the naxal areas.

People know they are not experts but this happens when there is vacuum left by the government and what the citizens get in return is KADI NINDA statement. IMG_20170308_182625_522Government has to stop tweeting their concerns. Screenshot_2016-08-13-09-41-51 That’s a sign of weakness. Put few news traders in jail and see the results. The government is still playing the ball in living room instead of playing on ground. Success of surgical strike was for a specific need and that can’t be used to showcase the mood of the government months after that. Eliminating terrorists across the border and within is a consistent exercise and people should loose count of the encounters.

We want to read numbers of terrorists and naxals killed not men in Uniform.

Picture Credit: Screenshot from Twitter ANI


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