March 22, 2019

#ShahGate a #ShamGate

Here we go again . Another claim of ‘Mother of all Scams’ is doing the rounds on Sunday primetime and social media .

‘The Wire’ and it’s investigative journalist Rohini Singh have managed to rattle the BJP top brass , or at least they believe so. They have ignited a fire and the army of anti-BJP social media trolls are gleefully fanning the flames trying their little bit too ensure that the taint of corruption somehow tarnishes the otherwise clean image cultivated by the top BJP brass .

The saga of the pressers ensued with Congress demanding answers and even demanding that Amit Shah step down . The BJP on its part deployed it’s top guns to defend it’s Party President .

You don’t need a investigative mind to deduce the fact that the obvious target is the BJP President , and what better way to get to him than through his Son .

The motive , it’s again obvious , is to counter the ‘Daamad’s’ alleged transgressions with alleged irregularities of junior Shah’s business dealings . Quid-pro-quo !

‘The wire’ and it’s boss Siddharth Varadarajan , and his investigative journalist , an import from Economic Times , are on cloud nine . But, in this case the investigative journalist has to at the outset drop the tag  ‘Investigative’ because her journalism hasn’t unearthed highly secretive facts hidden deep in some Swiss Bank vault . The information furnished by her is available in the public domain and some can be RTI’ed , you don’t have to be ‘ Sherlock Holmes’ to get the data as is being highlighted .

With ‘Na Khaunga Na Khanedunga’ Modi has appropriated the ‘Anti-Graft’ narrative . The opposition is hard-pressed to debunk Modi’s USP because to get back to winning ways the Opposition has to depict Modi as corrupt and a crony of capitalists .

Sahara dairy noting and now the Jay Shah episode are a concerted effort by the Opposition to defame the ruling party . ‘Keep throwing muck and hope something sticks’ is there modus operandi , and make no mistake , in the days to come more muck will be chucked , more lies will be spread and more venom will be spewed with the sole intention of turning public perception against Modi .

This is an eye-opener for both Shah and BJP . They may term the charges as feeble and untenable , they may file a defamation suit , but people holding high office’s cannot afford to turn a blind eye to the businesses of their kith and kin.

The Congress first family erred and they now find the Vadra Damocles sword hanging over it . But , can the BJP allow a sword to hang menacing on its future ?

Picture Credit: Screenshot from Twitter


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