May 21, 2019


Romeo is an imaginary character and the world has been spoon fed by the liberal elite from time immemorial about a lover called Romeo. There is something special by a certain Indian liberals who cannot stand the change of context for Romeo, after all he is just a character. So the government does not have even the right to use a name of their choice when it was all great to call eve teasers and many a lover boys as road side Romeos during the conversations of ordinary public. But a BJP government uses the Romeo word in the name of a squad and the Shakespeareophile Elite cannot take it. They have to condemn and the few on the other side of the ideological spectrum too have joined the liberal bandwagon and are asking for a name change to end the debate. Have these people had any issue when Ramdhenu is changed to appease the muslims? Now Romeo is also secularized in the hope of appeasing Christian community, afterall Romeo was invented by a Christian. The last two statements is the basis of the outrage against the anti-Romeo squad because some things are sacrosanct for a few.

Why bring the religion in the context of this issue is to be understood first? In our country for the most un-constitutional citizens it is always about the religion and anti-Indianness. When a stone is thrown, a nun raped, a youth slapped outside a pub, the great religious lens was used to analyze the issue and to deal with these bigoted intellectuals the same lens has to be used by all to bring in a sense of equality. Major sections of the Indian citizens have felt offended by the intolerance and other worst kinds of debates that have occurred during the election times and the results have indicated the usefulness of such mudslinging against the tolerant. But the same trick cannot be performed on the same audience in quick time, even though the public memory is short. One idiotic character among the great circus of the Indian liberals who also happen to be a great fraudulent PIL activist has equated the eve teasers to Lord Krishna. The idiot lawyer is lucky enough because the worshippers of Lord Krishna know and believe in tolerance. These anti-Indiannessphiles cannot dare to say about gods or prophets of other religions the way they abuse Hindu ones because most of these liberals are Hindus who might have been intellectually converted to some other ideology to pursue a life of slavish luxury.

Singing Vandemataram offends a class of Indians.  Singing Jana Gana Mana  offends one class of Indians. Saying Bharat Mata Ki Jai offends one class of Indians. Calling terrorists as islamists offends one class of Indians. Saying Kashmir as part of India offends one class of Indians. Saying the demographics is chaning in certain parts of India offends one class of Indians. Saying dalits are hindus offends one class of Indians. Saying eve teasers and molesters as Romeos offends one class of Indians. Worshipping murthis offends one class of Indians. Giving equality to women offends one class of Indians. Respecting cows offends one class of Indians. Shooting at stone pelters offends one class of Indians. Saying Mughals are barbarians offend one class of Indians. Saying Om offends some class of people. Saying Yoga is a hindu contribution offends one class of people.  The simplest of things offends the same class of people and government organizations have did little to sensitize these bigots but instead has been appeasing the highly sensitive people who grown much more sensitive and is killing the pluralism that is prevalent in our country. The courts are siding with the bigots from time immemorial in the hope of some distant luxuries.

The long list of things that liberals get offended is a indicator that the list is never ending. It is time to bring the sleep walking Shakespeareophile to reality.

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