May 23, 2019

#Shoegate: On the Wrong Foot

The Grand Old Party has history of servitude and sycophancy. It comes as no surprise when video of Karnataka’s CM using personal assistant for wearing shoes has gone viral. In 2015,one of the senior leader of Congress V Narayanasamy was seen holding slippers for Rahul Gandhi in a visit to waterlogged Puducherry. Meritocracy is thwarted by Sycophancy in INC.  To rise  leaders need to show allegiance to the  Scion of Dynasty and the Queen and Brat-In-Law(JijaJi).

The swiftness at which AK Antony gave a clean chit to the Political Family in AugustaWestland and conveniently blamed IAF hardly raised any eyebrows. Court summons to Sonia and Rahul in National Herald case were treated with high urgency and “Save Democracy March” was organised by Congress party workers for Queen and Prince. Democracy was choked and traumatized during Emergency by Indira. “India is Indira and Indira is India” – a complete balderdash. It can make sense only for Congress and loyalists of the dynasty.

There is a dangerous trend of people attaching unequivocal importance to cult and aura of individuals. BehenJi and NetaJi have set dangerous precedents for their parties. The recent Pari”War” highlighted that Parivaarvaad is bigger than ‘Samaajwaad”. The family feud exposed the fault lines of the party. Posts of party president and national secretary are reserved for family or family loyalists. “Save Democracy March” should be carried out by foot soldiers and volunteers of these parties to restore democracy in party functioning. The party which came to prominence on grounds of bringing transparency and accountability to Indian politics, AAP has been reduced to nothing but a bunch of buffoons favoring a maniac .

The new kid on the block is “Swaraj Abhiyaan”. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Lets hope they do not succumb to cult politics.

Picture Courtesy: The Times of India


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