April 20, 2019

Shoot and Scoot : A Failed Attempt to Gain Relevance

Motorola devised Six Sigma but it was at GE it gained relevance and now its the most widely used technique for process and quality improvements. Rahul Gandhi has taken up the mantle of raising the bar of idiocy by replicating His Honesty(Kejriwal’s) model of shoot and scoot.  After cyclone Vardha no one wants an earthquake but atleast I want to feel the tremors because RaGa said when he would speak earthquake will happen. Winter session is getting over tomorrow and no sign of any tremors on scales of banality . Only bluster , no bite.

What’s stopping him from furnishing the earth shattering evidence of impropriety and corruption against Modi. RaGa says he is not allowed to speak. You have to be awake to speak Clown Prince. You have been sleeping all the while. The sudden bursts of wisdom translates only to giggles. The comic relief we all need. Whether the earthquake happens or not is yet to be seen. What we need is a comic relief. No one can match the expertise of Mr Gandhi. Lets hope for some mirth and laughter.

Picture Credit: Mid-Day

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