May 24, 2019

Should Media be brought under RTI?

Screenshot_2016-11-28-17-17-50Executive, Legislature, Judiciary and Media, all have important roleIMG_20170208_102218_036 to play in nation building. However, the media has not been sincere in their duty towards the Nation. Exceptions are there but they are countable.

What started as a noble profession has turned out to be money making racket. Right Winger have taken upon themselves to burn mid night oil and expose them. Beyond exposing, exceptionally some damage is done. The dirty tricks department keeps inventing stories and life goes on.

Why would someone do all this? There is a cost for everything. Why has Editor Guild stood up for NDTV and not for the journalists who were killed in UP and Bihar?

Aaj ka Kaand

News is news and news has to be shared with society as it is. Not other way round.

Arrogant 1

The moment news is twisted, there is money or favors involved. Writer is happy that Honorable Supreme Court of India has given a pointer to central government. I am sure MODI government would be working on it. Only hope that accountability is brought in ASAP.

Noted journalist Mr. Tufail Ahmed prepared a useful draft on UCC. How many in MSM took the onus of debating it? Screenshot_2016-08-08-14-51-29Well we don’t have to answer, he was the first one to talk about Rohingya in J&K as well. Media house who claim to be the fastest and others who have asked their back room boys to hit the Breaking News button every time some politician sits in the car, gets down, walks, bends, etc have not found this to be a worthy news.

CdMkKgyW4AAIMHe (2)Journalists with knowledge and integrity are few. Ones in majority have agenda. The agenda is based on money. This PILLAR of Democracy has got Termites. High time they are u tubebrought under RTI. None will agree to it. Wouldn’t be surprised if Editors Guild also objects to it. But why not? These are the same people who wants to discuss everything. The way get into personal life of people at times is beyond understanding and patience. If you question them, they get agitated. They have the license to expose. At times I feel police is far behind and blamed for nothing.

f7Client loyalty is important. Probably we are the only country in the world where Front Page of print media, even the next two three pages are full of ads. If there is negative news from a company that gives ad revenue it would not be covered or if so called ethical compulsions are there then it will find some small place the way passengers travel in general compartment of railways.

kejriwal_1Ones who have been pointing finger 24 x 7 at others need to remember there are four fingers pointing at self. Time has come to reciprocate. What is there to hide? Share it the way other people and government department share information. Lavish life style is not a crime, if someone has worked hard, they deserve it and have all the right to flaunt their money. Ones who have earned their money working like a real estate agent and lived their life on commissions will be too scared with RTI. Screenshot_2016-08-02-11-58-59

Congress wants to hide National Herald documents from Dr. Swamy. If they haven’t done anything wrong why hide documents? Same holds good for this trade as well. If there is something fishy you would object.IMG_20170210_191813_446

Enough of SOURCES based news industry, enough of HINDU bashing, enough of mis leading news, enough of NAXAL and anti India appeasement.

RTI is a must and citizens should demand. Difficult but not impossible.

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