April 20, 2019

Shourie the poster boy of NDTV..

NDTV gloats about Shourie’s statements .

Shourie calls other channels ‘North Korean’ media. North or South, all Koreans look alike to me, I am surprised that he is able to discern the difference despite his cataract. The bottom-line is, all TV News channels misreport and are partisan to the core. Some are bellicose, some tempered and some subtle , but they are all ‘Fake News’ (to quote a nomenclature coined by Trump).

Don’t invite BJP Spokespersons on the show is his other advise to the ‘South Korean’ channels. A retired man, dragged out of retirement to berate MODI can offer little else by way of advice – someone please tell him the hard fact that the Korean (both North and south) channels fall head-over-heels to invite the ‘spokies’ to slug it out on prime time. No slug fest – No TRP !!!

Shourie believes that Gandhian style non-cooperation and boycott can bring the government to its knees but here again reality eludes him. Gandhian ethos are long dead and the politicians, the power brokers, the Media have all collaborated to bury it so deep that it can never re-emerge again . Furthermore , to invoke Gandhian style struggle, you need a cause of equal proportion – does Prannoy Roy’s business acumen (or lack of it) merit talk of ‘non-cooperation’ & ‘boycott’? Is it a gag on the Media as NDTV wants us to believe?

Just like the Media that’s biased either in favour of the government or against, the government and it’s Spokespersons might have an opinionated preference of the Media houses. But just because the government views NDTV through a prism of negativity it doesn’t mean that NDTV is a target of vendetta.

There is a saying – ‘Those who live in a glass house should avoid pelting stones’ .

But NDTV can afford to pelt stones because no amount of retaliation can damage the already crumbling edifice of NDTV and whatever attention it gets helps it to remain relevant, hence the farcical charade of victimisation.

 Picture Credit: Screenshot from Twitter, India Today.

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