February 19, 2019


   Shubi-Husain-pic2  Q1. Do you believe that carbs are bad for the body?

SHUBI HUSAIN SAYS: Carbs aren’t bad for you. Choosing the right carb is important. There are two types of carbs, Good carbs and Bad carbs. Bad carbs or simple carbs are easiest to digest and breakdown, therefore they tend to provide quick, short lived bursts of energy. Also since they are easy to digest, you often feel hungrier more quickly. This type can be found in foods such as cakes, candies, white breads and other food containing refined sugars.

Good carbs or complex carbs are difficult for the body to breakdown and therefore keep you feeling fuller longer. They are found in high fibre foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grain.

Eating carbs provides body with much needed energy. However, overindulging on them can have negative side effects such as weight gain and development of type -2 diabetes.

Q2.Are you of the opinion that water diet work?

SHUBI HUSAIN SAYS: If you are a healthy person, a few days of fasting probably won’t hurt you but it’s bad way to lose weight. When your main (or only) intake is water your body loses crucial nutrients it needs. The short term result is that you lose a lot of weight, most of which is water not fat. However, the built up hunger can lead to binging and weight regain. Without proper nourishment your hunger will grow so much that most people tend to revert back to their normal eating patterns, regaining the weight that they lost initially.

Q3.Do you believe that calories consumed at night are more fattening than those consumed during the day?

SHUBI HUSAIN SAYS: Calorie is a calorie, no matter what time of the day you consume it.

 Q4. Should we have dinner before 7.30pm.

 SHUBI HUSAIN SAYS: A heavy and late dinner is not just a bad practice, but detrimental to health. Dinner should be eaten early to maximize weight loss because people are less active in the evening, meaning extra calories are more likely to turn to fat. Also eating too close to bedtime increases your blood sugar and insulin, which make it harder to sleep. Your last meal should be the lightest meal of the day and should be eaten at least three hours before you go to sleep.

Q5. Is microwave food bad for you?

SHUBI HUSAIN SAYS: Microwave cooking and heating does not change the components of your food, it only heats the food. There is no evidence of toxin formation in food or carcinogens. If you over cook your food, then you are changing the components of the nutrients in your food. There is no microwave health risk unless it’s carelessness on your part. Be wise, use the right containers, avoid cling film from touching the foods and maintain your microwave regularly.

Q6. Do you believe that fasting periodically, helps in permanent weight loss?

SHUBI HUSAIN SAYS: Fasting periodically helps in weight loss. In my opinion a lifestyle change is the only way to stay healthy and maintain a healthy weight permanently.

Q7. Is meat bad for you?

SHUBI HUSAIN SAYS: Diet high in meat is not good for your health. High level of animal protein can be bad for your health. Red meat and processed meat should be restricted and only limited amount of white meat should be included in the diet.

Q8.If we eat food or drink water immediately after a workout, will it ruin our weight loss process?

SHUBI HUSAIN SAYS: Eating food or drinking water immediately after a workout won’t ruin your weight loss process. The ideal pre and post diet chart should be planned, taking in consideration your individual needs, weight and goals.

Q9.Do fast eaters gain more weight than slow eaters?

SHUBI HUSAIN SAYS: People who eat fast tend to be heavier and gain more weight over time compared to slower eaters. Eating slowly helps you eat less. Your appetite and calorie intake is largely controlled by hormones. Eating slow can increase satiety and eating fast often leads to overeating, as your brain doesn’t have the time it needs to receive the fullness signals. Additionally eating slowly has been shown to decrease the amount of food consumed at a meal.

Q10. Are the effects of Diet soda any different than those of the normal soda?

SHUBI HUSAIN SAYS: Diet soda is simply the same as regular soda. The only difference is that they have different type of sweetener in the ingredients. In regular soda drinks, the beverage is sweetened using ordinary sugar (i.e. corn syrup, which is high in fructose) but in case of diet soda this ingredient has been omitted from the mix and replaced by another type of artificial sweetener commonly known as aspartame. However, many studies today contest that the addition of aspartame does not make the drink any healthier than regular soda and also doesn’t give guarantee for losing weight.


About Shubi Husain:

Shubi Husain is a renowned celebrity nutritionist, diet, fitness and weight loss expert based in Delhi. Ms Husain is recognized for her research work in the field of Obesity Management with particular emphasis in developing new and effective ways to combat Obesity. She has over 20 years of practical experience and practice in India and abroad. Shubi Husain has been famous for being amongst the first to have conceptualized the idea of online diet and nutrition as early as year 2000. Ms Husain regularly writes articles for various print and digital media and features online for consultation chats as an expert nutritionist on various celebrity sites and channels like the Times group’s follo.in She has been on the panel of various diet and nutrition forums and also conducts ethical food & nutrition related validations and endorsements. Ms Husain is, on date, one of the most sought after nutritionist and has the credit of counseling top politicians, business moguls, bureaucrats and celebrities. She is a regular consultant to various select Bollywood and Hollywood personalities.

On the entrepreneurial front, Shubi Husain is the founder and managing director of Health Sanctuary pvt ltd, a chain of weight loss, dermatology, and laser clinics.

Ms Shubi Husain has been conferred with various prestigious honours and awards for her outstanding contributions in the field of nutrition, weight loss and health care.  To name a few, She holds the famous “Female Entrepreneur of the Year Stevie® Award” in the 11th Annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business for Yr 2014, held at New York, USA. She also holds the coveted “Indian Achievers Award’ for outstanding entrepreneurship and achievements in Business – Yr 2014 by the Indian Achievers Forum. Ms Husain’s Health Sanctuary was also awarded the “Brand Achievers Award” as the Most Preferred Slimming Clinics in Delhi & NCR 2015 for outstanding contribution in the field of Obesity Management.

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