April 26, 2019

Six Decades of Hindu Bashing

Six decades of Hindu bashing and making them feel inferior consistently is not a small time.

Where, When,  Why and How this started?

Trust this quote is good enough to talk of Hindu culture would injure India’s interests. “By education I am an Englishman, by views an internationalist, by culture a Muslim, and I am a Hindu only by accident of birth”. … everyone knows who said this, rest can google search.

The greatness of Hindus lies in patience, continuing with the tradition, adapting themselves to change, respecting other religions and accepting the good of allIMG_20170103_075216_575 cultural diversity. Hinduism is a way of life. It will never be in danger as perceived by the fanatics in other religion. People like Aamir Khan will never have the guts to question their own religion in any film or Satyamev Jayatey. Have guts, please do so. MF Hussain was a coward to paint nude pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddess but never had the guts to do the same for his religion. Media keeps showing Hinduism in bad light but never ever when Churches are involved. Hinduism was not forced down the throat of others. The Aatma is the source and shall remain the purest form of worship.

अहं ब्रह्मास्मिति 

I am part of the Universe

Caste system is there in all religion but Hindus are painted as the only religion to follow caste system. Opposition and media have made fun of Hindu rituals as if they are ultimate. Change is permanent. The power is not rested in the PM but the people of a nation. Misuse of power has it’s life and putting Power to good use is infinite.

Rich lived among the poor and pretended to care for them for six decades. There is no harm in accumulating money. But it is sin to amass money by deceit, it is bigger sin to make money by humiliating a religion and making others flourish with selfish goals. The agenda to convert people to Christianity is Global and India is one major country for it. None would have seen Hindus distributing Gita to the poor. Hindus believe that helping the poor with food is a noble deed. If Gita had to remove poverty, Hindus would have given in plenty.

UPA 2 tried their level best to bring in CVB. Thanks to the effort of Dr. Swamy and then CM Modi plus millions of RW on social media who opposed. Rubber band should not be stretched beyond it’s limit. It will break and hurt the hand that pulled. The HAND of Congress supported by other political parties and Media went over board to commit the sin.

The first major casualty to this HINDU Opposing Brigade was MODI becoming PM.  Stupid warning by congress toddler was given that ifsecularism_1 Modi becomes PM there would be riots. As if we don’t know who were the title sponsor of top five riots. The HAND kept changing everything only to become the HAND to hold congress by throat. Emergency was a Yagna by Indira, adding SECULAR to the constitution was the Prasad, Muslim appeasement by MMS was milk of sheltering Secularism and projecting Rahul Gandhi as PM was Dynasty blessing for another term of loot and appeasement.

Time waits for none. Not even God.

Rahul Gandhi saw congress in the Hand of all great Guru Nanak, Gautam Buddha, etc. This dude who once said that people who go to temple, tease girls is quick to visit temples for vote bank.

Second major casualty of HINDU Opposing Brigade is Yogi becoming CM. Read between the lines. The problem of opposition and media is not Yogi. The problem is the HINDUS who are going to celebrate their festivals, they will live with Dignity and none can misuse the minority card for personal benefits. Sabka SaathScreenshot_2016-08-18-10-35-45 Sabka Vikas. If a Hindu is not spared for illegal business then why a Muslim be spared. Some intellectuals that I respect have requested CM Yogi to think about jobs for Muslims in UP who are no more able to do business. I have no problem with the request. Where were they when people from their community were doing illegal business? The law of land is uneven. It punishes the weak, rewards the strong and goes to sleep when minorities are involved.

A big civil war is averted by Modi becoming PM and Yogi as CM. Just in case if UPA 3 had happened, they would have certainly brought CVB and NAC under Sonia would have gone full throttle.

Hindus didn’t have problem when Azam Khan was made in charge of Allahabad Kumbh. But CM Yogi announcing INR 1 lakh for Hindus to Man Sarovar becomes point of discussion and pain. Haj Subsidy is from the tax money of Hindus majorly. Hindus never had problem.

One of the readers of News n Views has shared his views “Intellectuals should clearly define the communist intellectual. The apologists of Christian and Islamic should be highlighted”.

Hindus are not here to put anyone down as is projected by many who allowed their pen to write whatever they wished. Hindus are here to live peacefully. Hindus are now enjoying their festivals without fear of someone stopping. Kerala and West Bengal are exception. Soon Hindus out there will also enjoy freedom of celebrating their festivals. This is what bothering the lutyen brigade. Majority of these people are party animals have to spare time for the welfare of the needy. Modi, Yogi and so many CMs of BJP actually spare time for their family from their routine work.

Bloody BJP Hindu leaders…. how dare they work so hard…how dare they do Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas… how dare they keep uniting….. how dare ….. how dare….

Take a deep breath. To all worried soul I have one last thing to give heart burn. YOGI ADITYANATH is going to be next PM. Go back to your drawing board. Unlike Akhilesh he is not busy appeasing Muslims, he is running short of time and busy improving Uttar Pradesh without appeasing any religion.

People of Uttar Pradesh have given a fitting उत्तर and CM will not let them down. Sit back, tighten seat belts and enjoy the development. 

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