March 19, 2019

#SixSigmaOfSecularismOfNDTV –

NDTV , and especially Barkha DUTT are self proclaimed torch bearers of Secularism, to such a extent, that NDTV team attempted to teach secularism and Equality Right to the Country, France, from where modern day words of Equality, Fraternity and Liberty originated.


In today’s series, again in 2010, NDTV was at forefront in discussing #Islamophobia while discussing 9/11 attack on US of A. In their Show, Left Right & Centre: As the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 approaches, we debate: From Opposition to a mosque near Ground Zero, to Quran burning day – is Islamophobia on the rise? – showcased yet another example of our most seasoned channel bringing to us and telling us how America is behaving and being intolerant. A country, where democracy was being practiced even before, we had attained our Independence. Our brand of secularism should be exported to all these countries.

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