April 24, 2019

#SixSigmaSecularismOfNDTV – Kashmir Debate in 2012

NDTV Style of secularism, the ethos of which is being shared by many Indian Liberals, is supremely biased and brazenly in favor of any forces which are anti-majority in India.

Blast from Past, in 2012, When centre had UPA government and Jammu & Kashmir was misgoverned by Omar Ambudllah, and separatists were fueling protest in the valley, using the youth there, either by bribing them or brainwashing them; NDTV held a discussion on who will decide Future of Kashmir. Surprisingly NDTV Queen of Secularism, Ms. Barkha Dutt, excluded Kashmir Pandits in the talk show; also the discussion slowly took turn from regional issue to religious sentiments and why Kashmir be made autonomous.



Picture Courtesy – www.NDTV.com



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