May 24, 2019

#SixSigmaSecularismOfNDTV – Mass hindu Marriages

NDTV brand of secularism was once again on display, this time in 2012 and Hindu Mass marriage ceremony in Chennai was under attack of NDTV. By giving a hollow socialist angle, NDTV asked should Tax Payers money be wasted on Hindu Marriage, by Chief Minister of state.

While important information was – the ceremony was mass marriage of 1006 poor couple, with each couple getting a small gift in gold, which certainly would help the newlyweds as savings. Another information which was missing in the article was, the money spent was taken out from policy, and from the Temple money. Also, Tax Payers money were not wasted, but use for social welfare.


NDTV marriage1 NDTV marriage 3 NDTV marriage 2

We never saw NDTV raising questions on subsidy on Haj, where the subsidy is paid to each Haj visitor, irrespective of his or her wealth status


Such is the disdain of NDTV towards majority of India


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