April 19, 2019

#SixSigmaSecularismofNDTV – Mumbai 26/11 Attack


The secularism charade of NDTV went to next level, in their love for Pakistan, a country which has attacked and lost several times against India, since India’s independence. Their love for Pakistan and peddling their agenda is not new,  NDTV as a whole, and the star anchor Ms. Barkha Dutt, whose pro-pakistan stand was recently acknowledge by Global terrorist Hafeez Saeed.


The brazenness with which NDTV professes its love for Pakistan may even shame Pakistan Media. Just a year after deadliest terror attack by Pakistan people under garb of non-state actors on Mumbai in the year 2008, NDTV gives an open platform to Pakistan to peddle its agenda on their channel, while discussing 26/11 attack on Mumbai. Surprisngly, NDTV didn’t feel fit to have an adequate or even a single Indian voice, to discuss the attack with its counterpart Pakistan.

Those who wish to see the other 4 parts of the videos may click the link provided.

The Big Pak Debate (NDTV) 2 of 5 

The Big Pak Debate (NDTV) 3 of 5

The Big Pak Debate (NDTV) 4 of 5 

The Big Pak Debate (NDTV) 5 of 5


Picture Courtesy – www.NDTV.com


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