April 24, 2019


The deep bias against majority of India, and blind love for minority, in the garb of secularism is indoctrinated in NDTV system. The bias is so brazen and devoid of objectivity, where no sane person can tolerate it. From peddling ‘Terrosim has No Religion’, especially when certain religion is involved in terror activity, to openly naming criminal activity as saffron terror, when criminal activity (proven or not) arises from majority community of India. In this series, we shall take you through Bias of NDTV under garb of NDTV


In 2009, Swiss voted for banning construction of Minarets, and all hell broke for NDTV, “The Swiss vote in favour of banning the construction of minarets has shocked many in Europe. The Muslim community in France, the biggest in Europe, says it’s a humiliation for Muslims living in the continent.”

“The recent proposal in France to ban wearing burqa has once again raised a continuing question about what freedom exactly means.”


Should we not feel proud of the fact that NDTV is not just raising issue, is actually debating them? Countries involved in both events are located in Europe separated from us by minimum 6000Kms. Both are older democracies than India and if one was to be reminded, its France which gave us these three terms, Equality, Fraternity and Liberty. Ironic that we should even be attempting to preach or pass a judgment on the actions of two sovereign nations. So what that NDTV for us.


Picture Courtesy – www.NDTV.com

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