May 19, 2019

Skyfall for King of Good Times


King of Good Times finally has Skyfall moment thanks to Scotland Yard. This development would certainly not go down well with those who kept cribbing about “Suit Boot” ki sarkaar. Mallya’s arrest would certainly not suit their propaganda as they themselves have been cosy towards crony capitalists.

Cheerleaders of Good Times are baying for blood of bankers and politicians. But wouldn’t this be a bit uncomfortable for the likes of Shobha De who were in awe of Raghuram Rajan’s jawline. Swooned by his aura than knowledge. Raghuram Rajan’s exit caused more heartburn than arrest of Mallya.

Life has been a terrible story of bars for Mallya. From raising toast in bars to behind bars is like Karma serving him Royal Challengers empty bottle.

_20170418_162715Politicians like Chidarambaram and his son too would not be far from the noose. ED has set the ball rolling. The Buck will Stop in prison for Chidu and Sons. Modi government has sent a clear signal with Mallya’s arrest. No one is out of_20170418_165147 bounds. Its time to get cracking on Karti before he does a Mallya on us.

Dynasty stooges are crediting Rahul Gandhi for arrest of Mallya. Why Rahul did not push for Quattrochi? Power was poison then. Momma was so right. Given the passion of Rahul Gandhi, Arvinder Singh Lovely did not take any chances and joined BJP. Unfortunately, BJP is becoming the last refuge of all turncoats. It’s an unhealthy trend and should be done away with. I totally oppose this way of Congress Mukt Bharat.

Though he has got bail. The process has begum. Extradition is a long drawn process. Government has clipped the wings and Ghar Wapsi of king of Good Times will be the biggest hit, bigger even than “Income Tax Returns”

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