May 20, 2019

“Social Journalism is it the future journalism? Or future of journalism on this planet”


Seized of “Social Journalism is it the future journalism? Or future of journalism on this planet” Decided to go for an online poll on 01st of Oct 2018  on twitter.

However the results are the outcome of my limitation and not of the Public that participated in the poll.  The option of both and Neither were not offered, Hence the results came as they should under these circumstances.


Before I get down to addressing the issue at hand I need to dwell a little into the past, which is the genesis of #SoJo.

I experimented with this idea in the year 2015 at that point of time I struggled to get at the precise name,i called it news on Social Media.which was refined later to #SoJo. this was an experiment of 24 weeks,twice a week.  Below is just an example of what we as #SoJo can accomplish.

de di Hume Aazadi Bina Kharag Bina Dhaal Sabarmati ke Sant tune Kar Diya kamaal. Biggest lie we have lived for 70 years.INDIA’S DESTINY TWISTED PART 2

Click to view the video :

in 2016 I founded,

continued with my efforts and experiments with #SoJo encouraged Public to record a video of self under 2minutes duration , “I Pledge”  “Mera Sankalp” on 15th Aug 2016, then we came across an issue of excess billing by the electricity department, Here again we encouraged public to send a self recorded videos of no more than 2minutes duration with their grievance. These were circulated on Social Media platform beside being uploaded on our dedicated youtube channel This effort produced the desired results.

Often during my even walks, I noticed street vendors pushing their carts at a speed that was abnormal while a police jeep wud be blaring something in the local language which I did not understand, however the entire exercise conveyed to me that street vendors were being informed to not sell their produce at that location. This set me thinking why were the street vendors being chased, is it the desire of the authorities these street vendors take to crime instead earn an honest living.

Decided to write a detailed article on this issue with all possible solution which would earn revenue for the Municipality,provide a fixed location for the street vendors to sell their products.

Researching this subject threw up mind boggling numbers of street vendors across India, and also that there were laws in place, pending implementation.

Instead of writing an Article a video recording was done to highlight the issue. Article would have been very detailed which would not be in the language of those affected, A video instead in their own language created a bigger impact.

This exercise was name “Samadhan.”    

click this link to view video :

“Social Journalism is it the future journalism? Or future of journalism on this planet” This is an interesting proposition. Conventional media, Print and Electronic  world over is facing a severe crisis of credibility. This has now even started to afflict the Social Media platforms, where the operators of platforms are being accused of biased behaviour

This is an unacceptable situation, we cannot allow this to continue, this malaise is also visible with the conventional media outlets. However much each one of them denies this reality vehmently world over. Denials dont wash with public any longer. Consumer is extremely alert, Pain area is the casual consumers who cannot distinguish the slant so readily. The affliction is so deep seated and extensive, it is near impossible to rectify the situation. We will have to replace the existing media, including the Digital Media which is mushrooming currently given the lower costs of establishing them. with a new form and format which will be robust, regulated by the public instead of some  Body, Organisation, or Government.

Self regulation in true sense will be visible to all  casual or serious consumer.

What is #SoJo also needs to be explained.

SoJo is not a Social Media platform, the promoters are not content creator, SoJo is an aggregator of content created  by others.the consumer will be obliged to pay a monthly fee for consuming content, will have the opportunity to create content and earn from the same platform.

It is Social Journalism,which translates into content created by professionals and non professional,most definitely not by those who are employed by conventional media outlets.

No we will not discriminate against them, will come to this section as we move on.

We as Social Media users create content 24X7X365 for the Social Media platform, in return no one gets paid. #SoJo is a means by which all content created will be paid, How much on what basis is something that the investors in this project will decide and offer.

What will #SoJo do

It will truly democratize the media space

No particular ideology will hold sway.

It will render conventional media redundant gradually.

outside Broadcasting vans will be replaced by Millions of smart phone users.

A few thousand may capture the same incident/event.

authenticity may no longer be a concern.

Only the best will be selected by a software designed for this purpose. Broadcasting and will get paid.

Similarly a score or a few hundred may write about the same incident/event, here again a software will perform the check for grammar, those that pass muster will be published.

both text & video available on the same platform.

How and Where will #SoJo be available/accessible.

#SoJo will a Web based platform offering Live and recorded content.

What all will #SoJo offer

#SoJo will offer on a single platform entertainment, Live and precorded.

News live and previous broadcasts, sports, contests, talent hunt events and Gaming

All newspapers published across the world.

choice of Language for text & Audio Original or of one’s own choice.

DTH will become history, Youtube and other such sites will no longer be needed

#SoJo will offer the largest Archival service.

What About the Advertisers how do they gain?

Advertisers will not have to negotiate with multiple hosts. Instead Advertisers will negotiate with the promoters of #SoJo

Advertisers will not pay for creating the same content repeatedly.

Advertisers will have the choice where to insert their advertisement,

Only text based content or only AV content or a mix of both, only on News prog, Entertainment Programs or both, various permutation combinations may be offered by the domain experts. This is only an example of possibilities that exist.

How & what do Consumers gain?

Consumer pays a fixed monthly fee as decided by the promoters.

Consumer does not have to deal with host of service providers.

Consumer decides to view the show/prog live or log in later to watch the same.

Consumer does not have to record or save the prog/show.

Language of one’s choice. Prog of one’s choice, location of one’s choice.

Don’t have to be a couch potato, can watch the same prog on smart phone while on the move.

Consumer is not obliged to stay back & miss out on social obligation just because a prog, sporting event or talent hunt is during that time window.

The common citizen is missing in today’s media, all the so called experts are not what they claim to be, those who parrot the lines that a particular political party and a media house wishes to push. This space we need to reclaim, where the common citizen can voice their concern on issues, incidents and event, We do not require thought leaders and opinion makers influencing the common citizen. Allow each individual to decide for themselves what they make of the policies, issues, incidents and events. No regimentation please.

Those of us on Social Media have the capacity, capability of separating facts from fiction. We have acquired the ability to collate,curate and put together stories in a logical manner without any slant for or against any ideology.There is no desire to become thought leader or opinion makers, instead the desire is to promote a culture of Independent objective thinking citizenry. If I am to look specifically in Inbdia and turn towards North East all the state in this part of the country have been ignored by Union government over the past 70 years, conventional media only mention this region in case there is a calamity, otherwise there no mention made.the voices of the people of this region are rarely heard by anyone.

#Sojo provide the opportunity to the local population to create content in text or AV format in their own language, this can be translated to the language of choice of the reader/viewer.

This is yet another example how #SoJo will irreversibly change the  landscape of the media. No region however remote it may be will remain neglected. People of that region will speak to the entire global audience in their own language on the topics of interest to them. This particular possibility applies to all those areas, regions which have not seen the media lens focus on them.  Now I must also speak on the professional Journalists or those who are employed by media house, what will be their fate if the above mentioned events unfold. This lot will have the option of continuing with what they are doing which will certainly result in redundency in times to come, or they can break free from their employers and start creating content that can lead to generating income for them. This is not going to be easy for them since they are accustomed to a life style and standard of living which they may not be able to sustain with the content they create.

Old habits die hard, how hard only time can tell. Join the Long march to rediscovering journalism or perish is the choice before them. We are looking at internet speeds of 2GBPS in the near future terms. The process of sharing content will be extremely simple. Create an account and share the content. GPS would assist in tracking the location. IP address would identify the content provider.

In conclusion I am of the view SoJo is the  media of future And the future of the media on this planet.


However every single individual is free to arrive at their own conclusion.

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