April 26, 2019

Social Media a Beast that MSM Fears and Wants Caged


We have covered significant distance from when I wrote Twitter a case of fatal attraction or a case of sting in the tale not (tail) on 14th of june 2011. After this I did write a few more blog  and uploaded tweets regularly, somehow the blog got to heavy with screenshots & took a long time to load.

Making yet another attempt this time with a different approach to keep the blog light so that it load fast  and readers get to read the screenshots uploaded on a daily basis.

Social Media is a complete news media outlet in its own right. This is democratic, authentic, not open to manipulation , if an attempt is made culprits are called out in double quick time. SM users  take pride in their credibility unlike their counterparts in MSM who are proud of their corruption & corrupt ways.

Basic nature , goal of SM is unchanged we still take MSM  head-on expose it on a minute to minute basis. So svere is the impact ,some chief Minister get heckled even when they go to watch movie, it’s the awareness that SM has created in the Public which is cause for celebration / reason for hope our democracy will outlast the venal politics of the vulture political parties & corrupt in Indian Media.

Serious users of social media twitter in particular will & are able to gather news stories from the tweets posted by other, we can get all the genres from politics to entertainment, domestic & international news.

What amazes me is the two parallel strains that I have noticed in the past couple of days 1) which is talking about the potency & virilite(y) of social media. This is one subject that I had addressed way back on 31st Dec2010 social Media a formidable foe for Main stream Media, which was way ahead of the curve.It was during this time when I had realized and stated true watchdog of democracy in India was not MSM but SM. Data being quoted today hardly adds any substance to what was stated in 2010. 2) social Media is losing its relevance & some platforms may sink or foldup. User are hardly concerned with market capitilisation on the stock market of these SM platforms.What we are concerned is the interactivity &ethical performance, when we don’t get to hear claims like we cant manipulate algorithm. It’s not a divine creation that man cannot manipulate it. Algorithm is man made & can be manipulated by unethical persons.

We have often heard of complaints about anonymous users. This is as fake as the self created celebrities. On twitter we have shredded many a celebrity to such fine pieces that not even the best in the trade can never reconstruct their reputation. Social Media is not for drifters or attaining cult status. You can be anonymous but character cant remain anonymous, your tweets expose you in no time..  will read out the tweets posted which clearly establish this assertion. Tweeple are perceptive with very sharp analytical abilities, if they remain silent on certain issues, its bcoz hard evidence is not in their possession, speaking without proof is rumor mongering & that impacts our credibility, we are fully aware who has been drawing power from whom, who plugs in with whom, its only a matter of time when hard evidence is in our possession & we shall place all facts in public domain.

Click the link to read the original blog posted on 26th Jan2016  http://anilkohli54video.blogspot.in/2016_01_01_archive.html

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