April 24, 2019

Social Media is the Ideal Alternate platform for Advertising in India.

cost of advert many times higher than product cost

We wrote this http://newsnviews.online/news-n-views/art-of-saving-money-anyone-listening/ on 17th may 2016, little did we realize we would be vindicated in such a short time and in such an emphatic manner.In this time and age of Social Media, everyone who looks at this advertisement


can only hold their head in exasperation and disbelief; state government can issue an advertisement for this product, quantity and value in a newspaper which has a very limited circulation as against Social Media which is accessible to any person who has a smart phone and has subscribed for a data pack from any of the mobile telephone service provider.

Knocked at the door of Google chacha to find out the number of mobile and smart phones in India, at last count India had breached the 1 billion mark of cell phone.


When the  country has such a high penetration of cell phone , why should the Government not look at alternative methods for advertising?


At a recent interaction with Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad in Mumbai, had enquired about GOI  thinking and the steps being taken to use Social Media for advertising.



As regards Congress, lesser said the better, We have to look at the caliber of those occupying the top post in that party and we  would stop seeking  reasons for such a stupid act by the state govt of Himachal Pradesh.

It is not our case that the due procedure should not have been followed.



What about common sense? Even if economic sense is limited only to Dr. Man Mohan Singh of Congress party.

What is the justification of spending such an high amount for a purchase of Rs 700/- why was Social Media not used, cost could have been Rs 70/- reach manifold greater and no repeat expenditure for publishing the same advertisement if no suitable supplier was located.

Please read our previous article on the issue of using Social Media for advertising by GOI,

Credit to Mr Subodh Tyagi who brought the advertisement of Himachal Pradesh govt to our notice.
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