May 19, 2019

Social Media News is NEW MSM: That’s the Reality

Change is the only constant and it happens gradually. Change is not digital at the click of button. It’s process like the sunrise and sunset. It has to be experienced. This is with regard to nature. Ones with regards to social life are the changing environment in our life as an outcome of the good and bad decisions taken at home or the government. People react depending on their aspirations and personal benefits and when the masses happen to take the same decisions or ignore we see the impact. Few examples of such harsh reality are reservations based on caste system, illegal bangladeshis, ISIS and now we see Rohingya muslim in J & K. One constructive example of change is NaMo becoming PM in 2014. Congress failed to read  the lines on the sands of time and always banked on poor voter turn out. On the contrary the voter percentage was extremely high and as its said rest is history.

People across the world have more or less similar problem of not being heard by the government or the society. Educated ones don’t hit the road. They keep searching for solutions which are always peaceful and bound to be very very strong in terms of expression. Final decade of the 90’s ushered in a lasting change for Media Industry in India. Educated ones did notice the change in the deliverable of MSM. Ones who found the narrative to suit them kept quiet andthose who found it to be misleading had to wait for a platform to express their opinion.

Kargil conflict is a defining moment for TV news Industry. 26/11/2008 brought about a sea change in us Indians in our response to acts of terror. World over Social Media has been making it’s presence felt very slowly, but surely. While people were using facebook to share personal life, LinkedIn for career options, HI5 for some vulgar content, TWITTER stood for burning issues and quick responses. 140 characters are worth a million if chosen carefully. Many active users started sharing their Twitter content on facebook. We did not even realize when we had taken charge of what we wanted to consume as news /information. Unknowingly, instinctively, we started to reject certain so called celebrity personalities in our self proclaimed Mainstream Media. There were heated arguments on facebook within friends. This lead to research and connecting with experienced and learned profiles on Twitter. This is the stage we relegate this vaunted MSM to fringes of Information industry.

When did SM replace MSM very difficult to pin point the exact date time & place, yet it has transpired. But yes if someone checks the archieve from 2010 onward. That was the first stage of cracks in MSM. Second stage came in around 2014 when masses came out in support of NaMO and dug out facts to rebutt MSM . To make things simple for masses # HASHTAG used played a vital role.

Around 2012 WhatsApp added value to what was being discussed on social media. News started circulating the moment it happened. There is use and misuse. Results are out in the open for all to see.

How did the Social Media replace MSM & its Persons?

Use of morphed pictures by news traders and quick response by Right Wingers with facts is the key to MSM downfall.  One major difference between Social Media and MSM is that SM users (right wingers) are ruthless and they speak with facts. Social Media is dependable and the selection of people that your read and follow has to be correct. At times there profiles who have changed their loyalty suddenly for reason best known to them has to be kept in mind.  MSM too has realized the importance of social media and have started using it actively. This is where the main fight begins. Ones with contacts have filed false cases against the nationalists. Others have used hashtags to promote a personal agenda. But net net the winners are Right Wingers. They are not paid agents of anyone. They work selflessly and many a times get involved in healthy criticism of government even.

sm7Is digital Media the ultimate weapon to destroy the conventional Media? Yes. But this is not the end of the road. A lot of innovation and experiments yet to happen. A lot of technology integration is possible to make already struggling MSM totally redundant. And that is the reason a lot of discarded individuals from conventional media have shifted their time and energies to social media. Social Media has point blank refused such entries but the syndicate of such news traders keep pushing their agendas.

The government now has to intervene. It has to get rid of the team running My Gov platform. They are good for nothing. The platform is extremely good but not user friendly. The team at My Gov is like congress party. Takes credit for all good things. Inviting select people for interaction with PM landed up creating more issues than motivation.

Interaction with Amit Shah was more of seminar and one way communication. Ideally such opportunities have to besm4 used for knowledge sharing. The government has to be truthful in rewarding the right profiles. Dynasty works even today and BJP is no different. Ones who are on Twitter know who took charge of the social media campaign and My Gov and now. These people know no one can change them unless the party wants. They ignore the RW and never bother to address serious questions.

Government and the NaMo (as an individual) has to realize their success till now has happened because of selfless RW and it has a shelf life. There are some who have gone beyond basic support on SM. This set of people are spending money and running events, portals, seminars etc. If print, electronic and OOH can get government ads the why not propertiesin Digital space?

Legal issues are another worry. Government does not come in support of RWs. For how long will this continue. It is slipping sand. The change is happening. It has to be heard. Just Mann ki Baat and occasional pat on back will not work in the  long run. RW have to be rewarded and hand picked just the way winners for other awards are identified (exclude Shri Sharad Pawar). These are the opinion makers of today and tomorrow. Some may become leaders and some may become a constructive opposition force to create problem for BJP ( Chanakya can happen in todays world). Don’t hurt the nationalist.

Sharing basic data for consumption and food for thought. A serious research by team handling My Gov will be worth it for the government.




The way smart phone and internet connectivity is improving, citizens and government need to make optimum use of the opportunity. Use it for fun but best use is for improving life style, solutions and assisting people in surrounding.

NEWS plays a vital role. Share it sensibly and with accountability. NEWS is being created every second…. some news are turning point. This is the change.

Picture Credit: Arkansas Business U.S. – Wall Street Journal 



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