April 19, 2019

Social Media & Women, do we need to speak about Empowering Women or provide Enabling Tools?


Reams & Reams have been written about Social Media, it’s contributions, the constant tussel for supremacy with MSM, how its changed peoples engagement with government & politics, among all this something very important has once again been missed by design or by force of habit. That is the role women have played in making social Media a formidable force & agent of chang.

Social Media has empowered women without the usual slogans & tall claims. Lets look further on how this is true. Digital media/online publications are a scaling up of social media platforms. there are no slogans chanted about women empowerment. true democratic character of SM & digital world has empowered women, who are now beginning to make their presence felt. Women don’t necessarily have to commute to an office, there are no glass ceilings to be broken. the only challenge before them is to make  a cogent case for whatever issue they wish.


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