April 20, 2019

Social work with Selfish Interest

It is good if a person keeps setting new targets to achieve in life. College degree, career, money and fame. One can always continue to study more, earn more, there is absolutely no harm. The moment one gets into charitable work then there are not few but many ( I write on purpose many) who use their clout for various charitable work which is fine.

These are the set of people I don’t support. These people never encourage a person who no matter how good is the project, never support the cause nor the individual. These people come from different strata of the society. Politicians, actors, professionals and at times even friends.

The only good experience I have had is with defense officers. They are straight and help without any conditions. In today’s era of Digital India even I am awaiting response from few government departments. The joke is we never asked for money. And even then the wait is endless just to get confirmation  that they have received the mail, registered post, etc.

Life doesn’t come to stand still for lack of support. Ones who want to do any social service they continue to do but the looser is the beneficiary.

Best place to get support is social media. Strangers are far better than known people. My experience on social media has been superb. Made many friends who helped selflessly.

Core issue is why the big shots discourage and hardly support ordinary citizens. I leave it to be answered by the readers.

Yes one thing I would expect is a government policy on funds granted to creme de la crème of the society should be stopped completely. These people have phenomenal sums of money and they should not be supported with government funds for their social ventures. No politician, cricketer, actor, industrialist should be given any subsidy for social ventures. Google search and you would find misuse of funds or their personal branding happening. Ones who are financially well off and have serious urge to do charitable work should do so with their own funds.

How many times a CM, Cabinet Minister kind of eminent personality is seen supporting a noble cause run by ordinary citizens. Let us not talk about celebrities they never do anything without charging money. Exception are there, those can be counted on finger tips.

Lutyens brigade are everywhere. They just can’t see people coming from the scratch and taking their space. Elite don’t like trespassing. Ones who are struggling with raising funds, getting appointments with senior people for inaugration, etc. should not give up.  This is an important barrier to be crossed. Let the good work continue. Few good people are always around to assist.

Feel free to share your inputs and experience.


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