May 24, 2019

#SoJo and Undercurrent

Law abiding citizens are always at the receiving end. One they have to deal with the hooligans and two they have to respect law. Mobs create havoc in the name of a cause. Ask one person from the mob and they are not even aware of the reason why they are there. These are poor citizens.

Now look at the ones writing oped and screaming on news channels. They have knowledge but yet they keep talking against the interest of the Nation. These are financially settled citizens and serving their masters.

Both these class have no fear of law. The day government starts taking stringent action against them, we will not hear any forced Bandh or show of strength. Simple steps that the government needs to do is stop the culture of symbolic arrest. Top to bottom, everyone in the chain knows that latest by end of day they would be released. The day police is given freedom and state government starts taking preventive measures along with exemplary legal action, law abiding citizens would have peaceful sleep.

We are soon approaching an era where apart from checking traffic on Google Map we would also have App to check which City and Town are having forced Bandh and mob has gone beyond control before leaving for work.

UP CM has been exemplary in taking swift action. There is no dearth of talent with political parties. If the current lot of CMs are not able to deal with law and order situation then they need to replaced with the ones who are at par with Yogi. Just being a good administrator can’t be the criteria for continuing as a CM.

2019 #SoJo #SocialJournalism would be different. In 2014 it helped the political parties as they gave the pointers and masses consumed. 2019 the scenario will be different. #SoJo will give pointers and political parties will have to consume the same in the form of Election Manifesto. Any political party who thinks that their existing lot of IT Cells are capable of doing justice to their need in the next general election, need to look inwards. They are just surviving on the eco system of lacs of #SoJos across India. Time to replace the ones who have not done enough. For BJP giving infographics is monotonous and for Congress making fun of India and PM is too childish. Time to innovate. Time to allow your well wishers to speak their heart out. Glossing over will not work.

Time to hear the genuine supporters and the law abiding citizens.

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