July 17, 2018

SoJo: Social Journalism

Mentor has to become monitor now

Visionary man Shri Anil Kohli has coined the term SoJo- Social Media Journalism.

Social Media is the reflection of the society, it consists of the good, the bad and the ugly. Profession journalism  is no exception. Petition before the Supreme Court of India appears to hurt the good because of the bad and the Ugly. While in MSM. the bad and the ugly get away with their crimes because of the good however minuscule that number of good be, Equality before Law is a must.

Lets present the poll results of comparative study on several parameters between Social Journalists V/s Profession Journalist.


The 63% don’t fight news traders just because they are sadistic. They spend time fighting them out of compulsion. If Professional ethics were followed then the RWs would have spent time to share Development News and work.

Power of Social Media is phenomenal. What started as networking platform years back for various purposes also started generating and disseminating content as Citizen Journalism unknowingly. Social issues have prompted citizens to either make video or click photograph and use them as evidence to communicate in closed groups or on social media platforms. This continued for couple of years and there came a time when citizens got a taste of Twitter. 140 characters were capable of making or breaking a person image. 140 characters were equipped to compel a news trader to apologize. A screen shot or a video could assist the police to take a quick call on a journalist. Some used it for settling there personal rivalries, others used it to counter people who have a tendency to mislead. There is a huge percentage of citizens who counter the first two with facts.

With regard to politics, social media helped citizens to identify and present themselves as RWs or LWs / Liberals. RWs are motivated by patriotism. LWs / liberals are motivated by money and power. RWs are self motivated, LWs are motivated with personal benefits.

The writer who has named himself as @ZeroAppeasement on Twitter thinks recent development of two high profile advocate approaching Hon. Supreme Court of India is a welcome move and RWs should not bother. Let the case be settled once and for all. Few Salient points that needs to be revisited with regard to regulating social media are as follows:

Why congress blocked select Twitter handles? Who helped them prepare that list? Were these citizens antinationals? What was the content those twitter handle posted that prompted Congress to block? Why Congress wanted to silence voice of dissent?

Did MSM Self Regulate?

If an apology is good enough after committing a serious crime by a journalist or a news anchor then same benefit should be given to citizens who use social media to express their views.

  • How many times judiciary has taken action against serious crimes of journalists suo moto?
  • What is the role of Editors Guild and why does it protest only for high profile journalists?
  • Why small time journalists but rich in work culture who were murdered not create Headlines but a Dadri becomes breaking news and paints the nation as Intolerant?
  • Why a conspiracy of Hindu Terror and Gujrat Riots still kept alive but a Muslim is not even named in headlines ?
  • Why caste system of Hindus is blamed from New Delhi to New York but caste system of minority religion is not discussed?
  • Why KP Exodus is not a matter of concern for Amnesty and why Rohingyas are supported with full force?
  • Why Broad day light brutal murder in Kerala is not news but a comment by Sakshi Maharaj is discussed on Prime Time?

Journalists with ethics are few and can be counted on finger tips. These journalists have their loyalty to Nation and not to anyone in power or opposition. They make their loyalty known but never sit back and relax if they have to criticize the person they support. Self declared journalists who promote terrorists as son of poor headmaster of a  school and social media activists need to be questioned? Does the journalists disclose location with direction while reporting from border areas? Does the journalists tweets that mobile service is down but WiFi in hotel is functional? Does a journalist in full senses airs a pre recorded interview of Sri Sri as if he was live on the debate to the viewers? Does the journalists who has years of experience, holds back a sting operation video under pressure, does a journalist ignores killing of Hindus in Bengal as if he nothing has happened? Does a journalist abuses a PM when he is visiting overseas countries? If all this is ETHICAL JOURNALISM then the SOCIAL MEDIA JOURNALISM is yet to cross limits. What action is taken on the journalists who have consistently mislead and tried to create tension in civil society?

Let us evaluate some tweets before we read further. For convenience of the readers the screenshots are categorized.

Anti Hindu Screenshots

Insult to PM screenshots

Journalist vs journalist Screenshots

Judiciary Screenshots

Kashmir Screenshots

Ministers Screenshots

Problem is not limited to India, it’s global – 


Poor and Middle class were always with NaMO. Some MP, MLA and ministers are talking language that sounds like Congress. Please don’t insult endlessly for having no option to choose. MP, MLA, Ministers are out of bound for common people. No one can meet them without the darbaris. Digital India has failed them big time. These RWs spend time selflessly on Social Media for MODI and not BJP. Add to this now Hon Supreme Court of India will decide on regulating Social Media. High time legal means are put to use to tell Hon. Supreme Court of India where the actual problem lies? Why people abusing the fourth pillar of Democracy not taken to task? Why the name and fame of the person in media decides the quantum of punishment? Why being poor or middle class is a crime in India? Why law of the land is not for the weak? Why quick calls on Hindu festivals are taken and for rest it is left to the government? Why Shahi Imam can’t be arrested despite his threat to the judiciary? Social Media is free for the citizens and doesn’t need regulation. If people misuse take exemplary action against them. If it has to be regulated then a simple answer to the crime of the ones in media has to be answered – Why are they not questioned? Why do they get away with an apology? Why Editors Guild never stood for the upright and candid journalists who were murdered?

Where is Right to Eqaulity before the Law? Common man can’t afford premium lawyers. Why misuse this weakness against them? When this happens be it regulating Social Media or Lifestyle /Festivals of of Hindus – they shall look at Modi to do the needful on time. Not after a lot of hue and cry. Suppressing dissent is not a healthy sigh in democracy. We talk about four pillars of Democracy but Media seems to feel that they are the most important. With advent of Social Media, their survival based on lies is exposed and hate has taken a major lead. Hence, the grudge against Social Journalism is obvious.

Social Journalism eliminates plenty of social issues which otherwise will be difficult for government, judiciary and police to handle. It works as deterrent, as SOJO works on evidence and they are candid in sharing their feelings. 2019 Election is around the corner and this should be taken seriously. One of the very few who consistently writes without any bias is Minhaz Merchant. In one of his recent articles he has been very explicit.

NaMo has to switch his thought process from Mentor to Monitor now. Can’t afford to have too many statements being made. Whether they are unintentional or wrongly interpreted by opposition or news traders, you got to be careful. Some eye opening messages are here for wake up call.

SoJo is healthy and replacing the selfish MSM. Let it happen and let it evolve. RWs expect government support. Will it happen? Knowing Modiji, He will support in his typical style. Mitron, aaal is welll………

Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter

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