April 24, 2019

Some devices are beyond Repair: Moral Compass and Gang

Normally the person who has knowledge, experience and welfare at the back of his mind is the one who preach. These are the people who practice and have a track record of sacrificing important things in life. Therefore, when they preach they are respected.

However, in media we come across a mojority of journalists and anchors who are either busy saving their jobs, desperate to get promotions and also busy settling personal grudges. Yes there are many even today who have not put a price tag to their conscience.

With Yogi Adityanath being chosen as CM of UP a lot has not gone down well with the ones who are anti Modi. Compass can be repaired but a Moral Compass is beyond repair. These journalists have a past track record of selling their conscience. From someone who had the audacity to be part of the sting operations in Cash for Vote and then not airing it to the spouse who broke all records of yellow journalism to air a recorded video interview of Sri Sri as part of live debate on prime time.

These people never had problem when a Maulana issued a Supari for the PM. Why would they or Editors’s Guild move an inch. They wake up on when their throne is shaken. Times have changed and very soon Moral Compass brigade will have to speak truth and only truth. MSM who doesn’t care to raise concern of routine butchering of RSS and BJP workers in Kerala, has a issue with a self created perceived threat from YOGI.

Omar Abdullah who openly endorses separatists along with his father too has concerns. This is utter shame. So if someone says “tum khaatey to yahan ka hoC7N1BOqXQAAwBHJ aur gun gaan Pakistan ka karty ho to kyon na wahan shift ho jao” what is there to feel bad? FOE has a rider and that should never be forgotten. Social Media is watch Dog of all such trouble makers. He and his father are talking out of experience. Kashmiri Pandits exodus will never be forgotten.

Back to Moral Compass Brigade, they are happy with someone who has zero knowledge, has never asked questions and threatened that there would be a Earthquake if he speaks. For all the high end comedy leaving behind Kapil Sharma at times and best of the Hasya Kavi like Ashok Cakradhar, Rahul still remains the PM candidate for this brigade.

The track record of Yogi in Parliament is very impressive. Can anyone like Rahul or for that matter even the name sake educated from this brigade sit and debate on serious issues.


Law and order in UP has gone from bad to worse over the years. Yogi government should appoint a dedicated person to take complaints from the victims in the last 20 years and start work on confidence building measures. A lot of people in UP may not have the money also to fight legal cases. Homes were usurped by the goons, rapes, migration of hindus from Kairana, list is really long. For long crime in UP was registered under SLL instead of IPC just to show rosy picture of law and order in the state. 


Unless BJP legal cell gets active against fake and hate news makers they would keep testing the patience. Hope BJP doesn’t wait for absolute majority in Rajya Sabha. Any riot in UP or any BJP ruled state will only result in fire fighting and not help any cause. Surgical strike on trouble makers in MSM is a must and much awaited.

For years biased news was sold in the name of Secularism. Voters of today are different breed. If the news traders don’t understand why it happened, then they need to spend few bucks to buy and read.


News can’t be based on hearsay or Moral Compass Brigade SOURCES. A civil society needs NEWS not MASALA NEWS.


Next article I shall focus on the priorities of UP development.

Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter Guruprasad’s Portal


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