October 22, 2018

Son Gets to Ride The “Cycle”: Will Father and Uncle Eat The Humble Pie?

The Election Commission announced today that the party symbol “Cycle” and party name will reside with Akhilesh. Will it be a “Ride to Remember” for Akhilesh? The Mulayam camp – would they choose “Lamborghini” as the party symbol. The Blue Bolt of Mulayam Yadav’s second son would not give the electoral mileage which “Cycle” could offer. In electoral race, revolutions per minute do not matter. What matters is the affordability and convenience? “Cycle” is the special purpose vehicle for Akhilesh in Uttar Pradesh. The ownership of symbol ‘Cycle’ will end the vicious cycle of Amar-Mulayam-Shivpal. Their overpowering influence over party candidates’ selection process is ruled out now. Ram Gopal and Akhilesh have the autonomy to field their candidates.

Will Mulayam and unrelenting Shivpal eat their own words and sink their differences? Will Amar Singh be shown the exit door? Samajwadi Party has the weirdest “Exit” policy. Expulsions and reinstatements happen at the drop of hat. So, Amar Singh’s expulsion, if at all it happens, does not mean a permanent ouster from the party. He has been pulling the right strings through Sadhana Gupta.

A “Split” at this stage would be suicidal for the Socialists. “Dalit Ki Beti” (Daughter of Wealth- as BJP calls her) stands to gain from the current SP impasse. Despite the apex court order, it would be hard to divorce caste equations from state elections. RSS call to people not to cast votes on caste lines is hardly going to cut any ice. If it does, better for the people. For decades, elections have been fought on cast divide and appeasement. The way “Vemula” was overplayed to deafening noise explains the divisive. agenda of political parties.

A “Ride Sharing” with “Cycle” for Congress seems possibility. It’s a perfect “Hand-In-Glove” template for Cycle Socialists. Will “Daro Mat” mantra bring Mulayam and Shivpal to SP-Congress alliance? Akhilesh is in commanding position now so Father – Uncle hardly have any choices left. They would do their best to avoid political hara-kiri. Fortune favors the brave. A bird in “Hand” is worth two in the bush. A complete “Hand” over to Tipu is going to make days in February interesting. March Madness would be exciting enough too.

Picture Credit: India Today Vocativ


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