April 19, 2019

Sonu Nigam: The True “Voice” of India

Sonu Nigam’s singing prowess does not need any introduction but he has definitely sung a new tune when he stood against “soft terrorism” of Azaan. He is definitely the true voice of India. It’s ironical that people who cannot stand for 52 seconds for national anthem are advocating in favor of Azaan. People, who want centuries old Sharia Laws over constitution, do not deserve anything from modern science(including loudspeakers).

No religion needs amplification with the help of loudspeakers. This has to be stated in clear terms. There is a need to put a blanket ban on usage of loudspeakers except during festivals with a definite time and decibel level limit. Those who have been whining against Sonu’s stand against Azaan just imagine if all temples started blaring bhajans everyday eight times in a day. Even consumption of beef would fail to soothe their ear drums. Dog lovers who cry foul over Diwali crackers and noise pollution find sound of Azaan conveniently soothing for their pets and themselves. Secularism just changes the decibel levels.

The most appropriate usage of loudspeakers should be about educating people about evils of polygamy, triple talaq and genital mutilation which is so rampant in Muslims.

Picture Credit: Screen shot from Twitter


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