April 19, 2019

SphereHead meets BlackCoats – Defending Hindus

There is a lot of confusion about the rights of Hindus in this country because the BlackCoats have taken upon themselves to decide on the essential practices of Hindu way of life. The contempt shown by the Hindus against the verdict of the BlackCoats given out in the interests of the Hindus has caused much heartburn and to let me know their minds the BlackCoats have decided to give me all the answers that would arise just the way Veerappan would give clarifications to various Journalists. The comparison is very apt because Veerappan would decide upon the essential requirements of the jungle and would ban all those he considers to be harmful to the jungles. It is another matter that the state considers his activities unlawful and so are the actions of the BlackCoats to the very large sections of Hindus. BlackCoats should not get angry with the Comparison because they have permitted even the support of ideology of ISIS and hence they may not have problem of them getting compared to the Veerappan. Feeling elated at the sudden opportunity to meet the BlackCoats, I walked out of the jail and was taken as normally people would go. I realized that the air has become fully free from pollution which is a miracle of BlackCoats. The police gave me the box of crackers and took me to the mansion of BlackCoats which had 150 ACs, 20 SUVs, 90 imported dogs, 16 plastic trees, 20 acre golf course and a 1000 feet giant statue of blind Goddess of Justice.

BlackCoats: Welcome. You are lucky to be out of jail but you will be going back after this brief chat because we are busy with a lot of important stuff.

SphereHead: Praise the Lords of Justice.

BlackCoats: This meeting is about our recent judgments and the wrong perceptions people have about our workings.

SphereHead: Ok.

BlackCoats: You seem to be scared and now you have realized our powers. Power of Slow Motion. It changes the people surely and we are the verge of another victory. You are free to ask questions but remember our powers before you ask any thing that can anger us.

SphereHead: You are acting like the weird Islamists with a dagger behind their back and talking about freedom of expression.

BlackCoats: What nonsense, we are all for freedom of expression and how dare you compare us with the Islamists? They have several nations under their belt and we are trying to have one in our kitty. Rule of law as ordained by us, what a magnificent kingdom that would be. Kingdom of Justice….

SphereHead: But such fantasy is too hard to turn into reality. Don’t you think people would wake up from their slumber and bring the fight to your courts?

BlackCoats: Our courts our rules and we win. There is no other way because we have too many levers at our disposal to control the fate of this nation. It is only a matter of 5 years before we become the de-facto Kings. My pet project is getting started from which my Kingdom will stretch from Jammu to Kanyakumari and Gujarat to Uttar Pradesh.

SphereHead: What new project you are starting?

BlackCoats: It is an open matter. We will provide (light) guidance on various policy matters which are not limited to our work because we are concerned about the nation. You should understand our concerns about the need for quick resolution of issues that are important to us, i.e., nation.

SphereHead: But you seem to have excluded certain states of Bharat.

BlackCoats: Our will does not run in those places and hence we donot want to rule. We are banning those lands which do not respect us even a tiny bit.

SphereHead: You are very intelligent kings of the future.

BlackCoats: Let’s cut the bunkum and ask me if you have any clarifications.

SphereHead: None. I am fully aware of your definition of Hindu.

BlackCoats: This is strange and I now wonder how the political landscape changed after the emergency after many leaders have landed in jails for opposing the powers. The hankering to be in the good books of the state makes wonders and civilizes the people to possess the state power one way or other.

SphereHead: You are wrong on this count.

BlackCoats: Am I. The most powerful tool at our disposal is the complete capture of the institute with no entry to those who have opposing views.

SphereHead: One judge had deferred your ideology.

BlackCoats: Lol. You will see the cases allotted to that judge and a lesson will be taught to all others who deviate from our ideology in serious matters.

SphereHead: Do you even have an ideology.

BlackCoats: Yes. We want to be the Gods of infidels and be revered as such.

SphereHead: You are hallucinating.

BlackCoats: Put him in the chambers until he gets civilized.

SphereHead: You donor know what we are made of because you soul is so corrupt and drifted from the path, you are blinded by the temporary victory.

BlackCoats: History will be written by the Victors and we are writing one page at a time.

SphereHead: Who will propagate your fake stories? Only truths remain without any state sponsorship and every other ideology is being sponsored by one state or the other.

BlackCoats: One way or other we will win in this Civilizing Mission.

SphereHead: All the best and Hope you come out of you Power Induced Coma.

The burst into a fit and he took a match sick and lighted a small rope and as I was pulled out of the mansion I heard a 1million wala cracker exploding covering the entire mansion and the nearby areas in a blanket of colorful  smoke. I landed back in the same jail.


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