SphereHead Meets Liberal – Ayyappa Issue

SphereHead has decided to get away from the various political issues and decided to see the various activities taking place in the rooms of the Black Coats. On one hand there is rape and child abuse by certain coats, the silence of the black coats is very amusing in these matters. Soon I realized their adherence to the strict constitutional morality in some other issues. Having heard and read several sources of information regarding the Sabarimala Temple from videos of S Deepak, articles regarding the same in various websites, I decided to have a chat with the deity of Liberals. As soon as I met him, I was welcomed in the liberal way with a stream of titles which I gladly accepted because they are badges of not being the Liberal in Liberal Way.

Liberal: Why women of menstruating age are not allowed to enter the Ayyappa Temple?

SphereHead: Ayyappa did not want to be in presence of women of menstruating age and hence the devotee would certainly want to follow the rules placed by the God. Only those who are arrogant want to break the rules of the Ayyappa want to do things against the wishes of the Ayyappa.  Menstruation now a day does not indicate much because of various factors. But in the simplistic sense, Menstruation is an indication of the active reproductive capability of women and this capability goes off, after a while for women. But for men, this reproductive capability does not go off after it starts. Also only the women have the capability to give birth and have the potential to create body within their bodies and men donot have. Since women have something special, they are subject special rules.

Liberal: But it does not answer the need to stop the women from taking blessings of Ayyappa?

SphereHead: Women who are not having reproductive capabilities are allowed into the temples. In the age of dishonesty and making temple visit a fashion statement instead of spiritual journey, it is difficult to predict the intentions of the temple visitors. The easiest marker about the menstruating capabilities of a woman is age and hence the age related restriction.

Liberal: Shall Ayyappa not get attracted to females who are out of the restricted age?

SphereHead: Ayyappa is a divine entity and even though he has come down to this earth for a specific purpose he is barely subject to the rules of this planet. But he may permit the rules of the planet to apply on him based on his choice. So Ayyappa getting attracted to women is not the issue but it is the power of the deity that can have effects on certain aspects of the human body may the issue. Doctors may tell pregnant women to not consume certain items like alcohol etc because it might have effect on the baby growing inside of her body. These are simple physical things. Hindu belief systems believe that there is immense power in the Vigraha that exists in the temple and every devotee goes to the temple to come under the influence of the power of the deity and get some comfort from the various life situations. The power of Ayyappa is such that it might have an adverse affect on the womb of the women and in lieu of this, the rule might have come into existence. Since there is no technology to deny the existence of deity in the Vigraha it cannot be said that there is no living deity because in the course of a few millennia there might be some technology that might come or if people go through certain practices, they might be able to perceive the power of the deity.

Liberal: Why only women? Is Ayyapa anti-women?

SphereHead: Ayyappa is pro women. His power has an adverse affect on the women and hence he has told women to keep safe from him. It is like doctor telling people to keep away from metal when gonit for an MRI. The reproductive capability of women might get adverse affect because of the powers of Ayyapa and hence the caution. There might be women who might have broken the rules and only they know the effects if any. People should always follow the safety rules and people do follow rules in the physical world situations but when it comes to spiritual things they want to understand the rule. It is not necessary to understand the rule.  Lets take the example of helmets. Millions of riders are not dying because they are not wearing helmets but the government imposes because it wants to save a few persons from dying. The principles and rules of the temples are also the same with respect to the rituals and practices. The weaker and the unfortunate ones whose spiritual energies are weak might unnecessarily get affected by the presence of higher spiritual powers just like higher dosage medicines might create problems.

Liberal: So Ayyappa can harm humans?

SphereHead: No. Ayyappa is a kind of energy. Like the power in the plug point which can be used in a million ways, spiritual energies can have multiple uses and methods to harness. It is upto the humans to use it according to the instruction manual. It is only foolish on part of a person if he wants to put his finger into the socket and switch it on. People around the person shall stop him from committing the harakiri for the safety of everyone around. So it is not Ayyappa’s intent to cause any harm but foolish and ignorant people might get harm if the rituals for a practice are not followed.

Liberal: Ayyappa being God can be kind towards the women who are menstruating and permit them to visit him.

SphereHead: If a particular devotee is having such an intense belief in Ayyappa, then she should sit for tapasya for years and please him. Hopefully Ayyappa might grant her boon and give the person a special visit.

Liberal: So Ayyappa is above the constitution and allows discrimination?

SphereHead: Yes and why should constitution guide Ayyappa.

Liberal: India is a sovereign nation and everyone is subject to constitution.

SphereHead: Ayappa is also following the constitution and under it he has certain rights and privileges. You can thrust your personal preferences on him because you are more equal than him. Just like you want to meet him, he too has a right to not meet you. He has clearly told, whom he doesnot want to meet.

Liberal: So you want to practice the untouchability and all other backward laws?

SphereHead: The question of forward and backward castes and untouchability does not exist in this matter. There is not much scriptural sanction for untouchability but yes there is some discrimination based on the personalities and their character. Those people who donot have certain characteristics are not considered equal with respect to others.

Liberal: You are supportive of the discrimination?

SphereHead: Can I tell you that you are a bastard.

Liberal: How dare you?

SphereHead: Mere mentioning of the word has raised your anger several orders. The point is that there is certain type of knowledge requirement to declare certain things and without the full knowledge it is not possible to judge. Half knowledge is dangerous. The constitution which you are using to claim your rights is a document for the living with respect to non-spiritual aspects of life and it is a living document. Even our scriptures are living documents for the spiritual aspects and their meanings are subject to debate by the qualified people who are into spiritual pursuit. Just because we can talk good English we are not the authority to decide on the meaning of the words written in the constitution, the non spiritual people are not authorities on deciphering the meaning and the intent of the words written in the scriptures or the oral knowledge.

Liberal: So you say that scriptures are above the constitution?

SphereHead: Yes and to the extent that they are not bigoted.

Liberal: Caught ya. Keeping women out of Sabarimala temple is not bigoted and discriminatory?

SphereHead: No. A devotee goes to temple to take darshan of the god and not give god his or her darshan. The intent of anyone going to the Sabarimala temple is to go there to see the deity and has to follow his rules because it is our wish to see him. If the desire of a person is only to see Ayyappa, there are hundreds of other temples where he is sitting to guide people.

Liberal: But why not Sabiramala?

SphereHead: There is something called spiritual qualification. If a devotee gets enough qualification then he can get a personal visit of Ayappa or he may come and reside in the devotee’s house. But if the devotee is not qualified then he is not to visit him. Can you visit any official just because you are a citizen? No. In the physical plane you have too many rules and too many checks to ensure that you are following certain rules before you visit. Even if you go to a doctor you are subjected to several checks but you have problem with the deity when he says that there are certain practices to be followed before the visit.

Liberal: What is you view of women’s rights?

SphereHead: Women are equal or more than men and have their special status.

Liberal: Who are you to give special status to women? We are all equal because of the constitution.

SphereHead: Sorry cannot say so. Women are not equal in all aspects to men and men are not equal to men in all aspects. Neither two men nor two women equal between themselves. So kindly stop this equal-equal utopian fantasy.

Liberal: You are pro discrimination?

SphereHead: No I am pro diversity and plurality. Different places have different rules and regulations and you pick a place of your choosing and go by the rules. It is not the you impose your personal rules everywhere. Even with in the nation, there are hundreds of rules and regulations for different people. We are only talking about the simplistic physical plane. Why not have the same rule everywhere in every circumstance?

Liberal: Ok. What is your take on burqa, FGM, etc

SphereHead: None of my concern and it is upto the women to decide.

Liberal: See. It is upto he women to enter a temple or not.

SphereHead: No. If the burqa rule is imposed on every citizen because some people are wearing it then it is the problem. There is a certain qualification needed for wearing it and it is not universal phenomenon. There is increasing usage of it. FGM might have been happening before the feminists have been born on this planet. Entry to place cannot be equated to a practice.

Liberal: Why not? This burqa and FGM is not happening to men. There are women who are not subjected to this practice and hence is it okay to say they have to be continued?

SphereHead: Whether this practice is related to the spiritual aspects of religion? I doubt and I have not much knowledge. But the issue of Ayyappa is a spiritual aspect of the temple. Lets try to understand your inherent intellectual knots.

Whether not visiting Ayyappa is causing some loss to the devotee in a physical world or spiritual journey? If a devotee doesnot follow the rules of the temple he is not a devotee and he is not a special devotee because our gods have always taken special ways to make their stringent devotees happy. But a non devotee neednot visit a temple because temple is not a picnic spot. In the spiritual plane there is no loss to the non devotee. In the physical world, the rules are to be followed because they are rules said by the person whose place it belongs. You cannot visit a doctor for a visa and if you want to have visa you have to have the right passport and right documents unless VisaMata helps you in special ways. So physical world, physical rules unless they are harming you in any kind. By making it clear that certain people would be considered trespassers, there is no insult heaped on people because it is clearly stated that trespassers would not be permitted inside and keep away. Even the mightiest are not supposed to be permitted near the deity breaking the rules and if any rule if broken, the temple administration was supposed to have been punished.

If I apply the same principle loss in a physical world or spiritual journey in matters of Burqa and FMS I might end up in different answers. If a women doesnot wear burqa, she might be kicked out of islam or subject violence in certain areas while in other areas it might be considered a cool thing. There might be peer pressure to wear a burqa or it might be out of choice but when it matters to security checks burqa is not permitted whoever it might be and the women are to follow the rules. This is a reversible process. The issue of FGM is more serious because it is irreversible process. People comparing it with upanayam samskaram are joking themselves. There is something called irreversibility in FGM and not in the other. The temple entry is permitted after rules apply with passage of time but the same cannot be said about FGM nor Burqa. Hence it is not good to compare apples and oranges.

Liberal: Your god is bigoted and anti-women.

SphereHead:  He may be so because of your personal views but he is very kind to the devotees.

Liberal: I will come to the temple one way or the other and the black coats will help in showing the truth. Your god is homo sexual.

SphereHead: If you donot understand the meaning of avatar then you are having zero faith in the belief system and your point is to prove your closeness to the blackcoats and not your devotion to Ayappa. The birth of Ayyappa is not out of a homosexual union because Ayyappa is born of Shiva and Mohini. If Mohini avatara is considered as Vishnu then we are all Vishnu because we all part of his infiinite energies. The avaratra takes form because of a certain need then the energy goes back to Vishnu and yet he remains full of his energies all the time. He is complete all the time. Birth can only be given in the female bodies because the female bodies alone have such capabilities.

Liberal: Ayyappa is son of two men.

SphereHead: Lol. If you go by Advaitha there is no two but only one. How can one become two and in fact you are me and I am  you and what is the need for you to see another when in reality I and you are the same thing.

Liberal: You are deviating from the question.

SphereHead: No. I am only proving the arrogance of the human individual because of the closeness of him/her to the black coats and nothing else.

Liberal: You blaming the black coats is not helping your cause.

SphereHead: I only wonder when the black coats have helped our cause. One temple at a time and one point of shakthi at a time is being destroyed using the constitutional morality and it is a lakshana of kali. But there is a good fight back and that is important. It is not that the followers of Dharma are running from the battle field. “Yadha Yadha…… Yuge Yuge”.

Liberal: You will lose.

SphereHead: We will keep fighting and every failure or setback is going to create more fighters. Till the end of this yuga, my belief is that it is the time of dharmic raktha bijas. It is our job to keep fighting the adharmic forces one way or the other.

Liberal: You cannot win this battle.

SphereHead: Winning this one temple is not the end but winning is important. Being in the battle and ready to fighting is also important. For too long you have steam rolling our samskrithi. You never know when divine help comes and when it comes we should be ready to pounce on it.

Liberal: I will be walking into the temple while I am menstruating.

SphereHead: I hope that your children and the children who are born out of those women who break the rules of Ayyappa are healthy and get all his blessings.

Liberal: You cannot threaten me.

SphereHead: I am only praying to Ayyappa to be kind on you because there are millions of devotees visiting his abode to take his blessings and immerse in his spiritual energies. There is no special package for a VVIP individual backed by blackcoats without sufficient spiritual training to be free of the influence of his tremendous energies.

The Liberal was laughing as I decided to leave because deep down he knows the result of the case because in the recent times the Constitutional Morality has been ruling the roost. Hoping for some common sense to prevail in the mansions of black coats I went ahead with my prayers to Ayyappa.


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