SphereHead meets Sonia Gandhi

After several meeting with the most powerful men of this Country I realized that I had been doing injustice to the most powerful women of this country. Having only met VisaMata over the issue of rule change for the Passport of Islamic couple, I decided to meet the imaginary Sonia and get her views on various issues. The only fear of meeting an imaginary Sonia is that her thought police can harass me since the imaginary BlackCoats are available to serve her over a phone call. Leaving all the fears aside, I met Sonia Gandhi at the imaginary 10JP. I looked around the large room and saw several guys holding some placards and her daughter doing some hand movement. After a deeper observation I realized that the lady was signaling Sonia Gandhi the ways to answer as last minute training.

SphereHead: Madam, …. Madam…. Can we begin the Q & A.

SoniaGandhi: No. Lol.

SphereHead: Ok, can you ask all others to remain still so that you can focus on the questions at hand and do much better than what Rahul did in the run up to 2014 elections.

SoniaGandhi: That was a mere aberration and he has trained really well for the 2019 elections. Have you seen his Singapore video? Bdutt tells me that connecting the MRIs was the most innovative idea of the century.

SphereHead: So you meet Bdutt? Who others from the press  get a chance to meet you on a regular basis?

SoniaGandhi: I believe in the Freedom of the Press. You have to put your leg down on the activities of the Press and then there shall be Freedom.

SphereHead: So you believe in putting the Press down?

SoniaGandhi: I have given interviews to a lot of people and face real tough questions. It is not like Modi who cannot face tough questions. 56” chest PM cannot face a simple boxer and his questions.

SphereHead: Can you tell me the most difficult questions you have answered which Modi could never answer?

SoniaGandhi: About my Cooking skills and my affection towards my Mother-in-Law. Rofl.

SphereHead: That’s a nasty one but let me ask a few tough questions.

SoniaGandhi: Okay, no repeat of the questions asked by Rajdeep or others. I wanted to be asked fresh questions such as the current growth of Congress and the development activities in Karnataka under Rahul’s leadership. Also let us talk about Punjab where my Rahul has been guiding that Captain on matters of administration.

SphereHead: How can anyone believe all this fiction?

SoniaGandhi: This session should move as per my requirements and only on that basis I had given you the chance to come here. Which channel do you represent? Roy, Purie, Zakka,….. Patel, make that call and cancel his license.

SphereHead: None. I write for newsnviews.online. I have met Modi, AmithShan, BlackCoats and other top guys in the democratic system.

SoniaGandhi: You should know that I am supposed to be above all because the long arms of the law cannot reach me. Do you know that I have seen my contemporaries and people in similar position as mine in other parties harassed by various governmental bodies, but I am never troubled by them.

 SphereHead: The lines on your forehead indicate that Swamy is getting closer to convict you.

SoniaGandhi: That Tamilian Guy. Lol.

SphereHead: He has been a thorn in the flesh of many powerful politicians and now he is fighting against your company.

 SoniaGandhi: Lol. The judicial system will grind the patience of all citizens and most of them wither away during the process.

SphereHead: Swamy is a different player altogether.

SoniaGandhi: Let’s see who wins the cases and only time will tell.

SphereHead: You seem to have too much faith in the BlackCoats.

SoniaGandhi: You seem to be desperate to see me and my son in trouble and be harassed for sacrificing everything. We have lost our family members for the sake of this nation and now you ungrateful citizens want to see us in jail.

SphereHead: Please stop the crocodile tears and nobody is going to get convinced about your tears in matters of law.

SoniaGandhi: So you want to tell me that we have not sacrificed for this nation.

SphereHead: No, it is the other way round. Since you cannot see the reality as it is, let me ask one more question. How could you think that Rahul could become PM?

SoniaGandhi: No, No. Rahul is not PM material. He will become like me. Power to rule the nation without worrying about anything else for the sake of his people.

SphereHead: Who are his people?

SoniaGandhi: They are all over the place.

SphereHead: Where is the place?

SoniaGandhi: London, Paris, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, ……..

SphereHead: What?

SoniaGandhi: OOPs. The Problems of grandeur. Remove all that you noted down and remember that Rohingyas, Bangladeshis are his people.

SphereHead: What?

SoniaGandhi: Oh, s*&t. The Q&A is over and it is time you better put this in a good fashion that deserves the stature of the future PM.

Unable to control my laughter, yesterday morning I woke up in today’s night to get back to tomorrow’s reality.

Image Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonia_Gandhi


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