April 26, 2019

SphereHead vs BlackCoat – 2

Congress almost won the Karnataka elections through the backdoor of democracy which was kept open by the BlackCoats. Proud of their fast clearing the issues related to Congress and their core voters, BlackCoats went to have a vacation to recharge themselves after their hard work in the blistering summers in a third world nation. Judiciary and teaching profession seems to be the rarest among rare professions who take such long vacations. The much deserved vacation gives a vacation of BlackCoats gives a break to the citizens and saves some public funds. If the BlackCoats worked they would have adjourned the cases causing a loss of travelling expenses and other fees to respondents. Indirectly the BlackCoats are increasing the savings of the common people by going on vacations. Having said all this, BlackCoats gave me a chance to interact again and I am happy to talk to them based on my logic because the talk is my split personality much like the way the BlackCoats behave.

BlackCoats: You are very lucky because you are getting a chance to hear our point of view because we rarely talk about the BlackCoat dairies with the public. Even our employers donot know what we are up to and before I got on vacation I would like talk to the public about some things and hence gave you a chance.

SphereHead: (Yawn.) Ok (seemingly not interested). Can Judges do press conferences and show their dislike towards the CJI?

BlackCoats:  Where is the law that says judges cannot hold press conferences? They shouldn’t do it to defend their judgments…I knew that when I opened my mouth, I would have to go through all this and I was willing to take it.

SphereHead: But where in the law it states that people cannot enjoy firecrackers when there is proof that the pollution is caused by stubble burning and vehicular pollution.

BlackCoats: So you want to say that Judges are not allowed to do as they wish? Are the citizens not bound the rules of the land or the rule made by us for their safety and protection? Judges decide what is good for the citizens and frame the laws.

SphereHead: Are judges too not citizens of the land?

BlackCoats: No, they are a class above citizens because no law can apply to us. We are the Guardians of Democracy and without us there is no democracy. So we cannot operate under the same rules of the land and we operate at a higher level.

SphereHead: Ok. So what are the rules which are applicable to you?

BlackCoats: I stood up for certain issues and values. Wherever I perceived that things were going wrong, I stood up, I raised questions. If something is good it is to be preserved, if something is doubtful it is to be checked and rectified and if something is bad then it is to be destroyed. All actions are with the single minded focus for preserving the powers of the judiciary which it has usurped over a period of time. We want to re-establish the Sanathana Dharma but with a slight variation. Judicial Jati will have most privileges and the privileges of others will be decided based on the electoral outcomes with our approval.

SphereHead: Is there a way for the common man to get the hearing in the top courts.

BlackCoats: While I don’t like to offend anyone but I wonder about the one-crore a day lawyers… When was the last time they opened their mouth (to question the wrong in society)? So you have to seek their time first before we even let you come close to us.

SphereHead: But how come some issues related to poor come very fast to you.

BlackCoats: You seem to be a fool. Poor are considered poor only when they are declared by the friends of Courts.

SphereHead: Who are the friends of courts?

BlackCoats: The NGO. You seem to have total lack of judicial knowledge. Generally we donot differentiate between anyone. We shall hear cases filed even by toddlers to protect their health.

SphereHead: But you donot want to give relief to women.

BlackCoats: Women of some groups are considered property according to special and honourable doctrines. See Judiciary has to be compliant to groups who have very strict doctrines else everything would be chaos. If we interfere in the divine doctrines then there would be bloodbath in the nation and the governments cannot face the law and order issues. There might be some deaths which would be used against the various state leaders and we have to support these cases to appear as the Guardians of Democracy.

SphereHead: How is it that maintaining of Law and order would be used against the State and National level leaders? How could you be party to such illegal proceedings?

BlackCoats: You are too naïve. Did you not hear about 2002 and Ishrat Jahan case. We almost had Modi and Shah. Oops.

SphereHead: What?

BlackCoats: Just erase the last line. You are putting words in my mouth and for the time being, I am very tired after the lot of work. Let me have vacation and when I am back I would hope to meet you again. Hopefully you donot put words into my mouth and also improve your general knowledge.

Before I could say a word the BlackCoat changed into Bermuda and shorts with RayBan glasses and happily went ahead to enjoy his much deserved vacation. I left wondering what was the need for vacation when a lot of work is pending which are very urgent matters. I wondered if any other private organization would have left their employees to keep decades of pending works and allow having vacations. Only the government allows and in Democracy citizens are to be blamed for this.

(Some of the statements of the BlackCoats are lifted straight away from https://theprint.in/governance/judges-call-to-laud-me-i-ask-them-to-take-a-stand-too-justice-chelameswar/60675/  and might have been used out of context too. I did it because there is not law which states that we cannot do it as spoken by the learned BlackCoat himself.)

Image Credit: https://atlasinfiniti.com/blog/legal-attire-for-lawyers-and-judges/ (the coat attire)



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