April 21, 2019

SphereHead vs BlackCoats

After a long time, I decided to meet the imaginary black coats because a few recent things are contrary to their normal behavior. To get some clarification about the abnormality, I setup a meeting with the most powerful of imaginary BlackCoats.

BlackCoats: LoL

SphereHead: Before I started, you seem to be quite happy. Any particular reason?

BlackCoats: Ok, a couple of things first. The Right never learns from the Left and the Left rules the Right. This is making us crazy.

SphereHead: You seem to be on a dope.

BlackCoats: No no.. Let me clarify. The Left has mastered the art of Puppetry and we are mere Puppets in the mafia system. Too many things are decided by those who Left to keep the Legacy. The Left is not who belongs to the ideology but those who are not in positions but who control the levers of Power.

SphereHead: Is Right the alleged Right Wing?

BlackCoats: LoL. No. The Right are those who are mostly on the Right side of the truth and yet are demonized for being Right. The Left has won the contest of colonizing the nation mentally and there seem to be no respite to the Right even a bit.

SphereHead: But there is fight back.

BlackCoats: When the two hands fight, it is the body that loses.

SphereHead: This is Intellectual Bull Shit.

BlackCoats: How much ever the Right tries to set the equality it cannot be achieved because the Left does not believe it. Hence the Left always strives to induce or influence for the perpetuation of more inequality. The biggest strength of Left is sacrifice it does.

SphereHead: Left and Sacrifice. LoL. The world knows that the Left are societal Parasites living off the hardworking citizens.

BlackCoats: In the end, the parasites survive unless something serious is done. The Right fears serious things and does mostly non-serious things.

SphereHead: This BullShitting Jargon does not lead anywhere. Coming to the point, it seems that the hindus have arrived.

BlackCoats: Ya, sort of. A few recent rulings seem to have fired the imagination but rest assured, we shall prevail.

SphereHead: You seem to sound like the Matrix movie. But why do you think you shall prevail when there is too much sense and logic based on facts in the various proceedings.

BlackCoats: LoL. You continue to believe that we work based on facts, rules, logic? LoL. Our brother are famous for perverse judgments, non-scientific judgments and midnight proceedings and a joining political parties post-retirement to fight the growing communalism in the nation. ROFL.

SphereHead: That expectation was never there. The little expectation for justice had vanished long ago when you have opened the doors for the sake of terrorists at midnight, giving urgent bails to those who did not apply, issue summons to the president and a host of other bizarre things you are capable of doing without being culpable.

BlackCoats: That is our power and no matter what fools think, we are ruled by proxy.

SphereHead: What?

BlackCoats: You heard it right.

SphereHead: So you are ruled by Proxy, by whom?

BlackCoats: The followers of True Gods.

SphereHead: Is this the reason you are more interested in the religion with a multitude of Gods with a diverse spectrum of worshippers of countless Murthis.

BlackCoats: When one True God is there what the need for all the variety and confusion is. Hence to improve the scientific temper of this nation we have taken it upon ourselves as superior to the millions of gods and teach how to be True Gods.

SphereHead: But is this is not trampling on the rights of the citizens of this country.

BlackCoats: We are all children of the True God and we have to strive to meet his expectations. We all have to serve the one True God and there is no other way. Reforms are painful but have to be implemented when people protest.

SphereHead: So you are willing to reform all the bigotry that exists in all religions.

BlackCoats: OMG. How can you extend our lordship over the followers of True Religion? We are only worried and concerned about the million god worshippers.

SphereHead: So you have already determined the outcome, but why pretend all this and delay the outcome.

BlackCoats: Some to administer the medicine, we have to put up some drama or else the chaos will be much less. To kill hope whatever is left, we first have to give some hope.

SphereHead: So you thing you are superior to all the million gods.

BlackCoats: LoL. Only the True God shall prevail and guide us.

SphereHead: You seem to be a fan of GoT.

BlackCoats: No, True God.

SphereHead: Are you a religious preacher.

BlackCoats: Our being a preacher or non-believer or believer does not alter the outcome because the outcome is already cast and there is nothing that can be done. One case links others and it is only a series of already decided judgments that would decide the fate of the million gods.

SphereHead: Are you doing this intentionally?

BlackCoats: Everything is predestined and we are only tools.

SphereHead: Can you tell us who the operator is.

BlackCoats: Is it still not clear? Let me say one more thing. We are the lords and there are other lords made in stone. But the nation bows to us and fears to even criticize us in a logical manner. How often have you seen any (LOL) intellectual question our bigotry? These same people question the Lords of Stone and there is the answer to who is more powerful and who controls. The true God rules over us and we rule over all other stone gods.

With a big smirk on his face, he vanished and I got back to reality wondering about the solution. I felt the need to meet some powerful individuals to get the solutions to the problems at hand.


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