April 19, 2019

SphereHead vs BlackCoats

Having tried to analyze the behavior of the Famed Unaccountable BlackCoats of India in the various articles (http://newsnviews.online/news-n-views/judiciary-is-anti-constitution/, http://newsnviews.online/news-n-views/sensitive-important/, http://newsnviews.online/news-n-views/democratic-bully/, http://newsnviews.online/news-n-views/milords-spare-the-government/http://newsnviews.online/news-n-views/j-political-party/, http://newsnviews.online/news-n-views/black-coats-whisperers/ , http://newsnviews.online/news-n-views/judicial-action-against-hindu-leaders/ ) I have decided to talk directly to one such BlackCoat who image cannot be shown because of it is in my imagiination. With the split personality shown by the modern powerful BlackCoats, I tried to do the same and get the answers to my own question.

SphereHead: Why do you not read the Constitution before pronouncing any kind of judgements because in recent times?

BlackCoats: The constitution has given  powers to the people and people elected corrupt people. These corrupt people selected us in the past. We have been a compliant in the past. Who would like to serve the corrupt when we can become the real lords. These matters cannot be discussed about who is more corrupt as long as the people are made to believe that we are the most honest in the constitutional of schemes. Whether we read constitution or we protect constitution is a different matter as along as we maintain the perception that we are doing the right kind of job of our masters, we are happy.

SphereHead: Who are your masters???? Indian Citizens right.

BlackCoats: Roflmao

SphereHead: Please get serious and I am really worried about your wild chuckling. First get back into the chair and answer the question.

BlackCoats: Who are Indians? We have only invaders in this country and mirgants of the ancient past. The Indian citizens have no special identity and their only identitiy is a negative one. Some groups have realized about their positive identity and are asserting it more than their national identity and we happy to oblige those who assert themselves becausy of the packages that come with the assertion. Some group are seeking their identity which cannot be guaranteed because of the constitutional provisions and we are more than happy to follow the constitution.

SphereHead: So you do read constitution.

BlackCoats: As a matter of fact no. We read constitution when it suits our masters we donot when it goes against the issues of our masters.

SphereHead: Can you tell the identity of your masters.

BlackCoats: The identity of masters cannot be told because it will create huge issues for everyone. Let me tell a few characteristics of the masters whom we serve. They have tremendous violence potential. They have huge money power and also a lot for contacts to get the things done in any corner of the world secretly. The most important characteristic of the master is that they back people who are obedient and block people who are independent minded.

SphereHead: So are you independent minded or you a person backed by your masters.

BlackCoats: Having arrived at the top, one can only make a wild guess and I shall let it to your imagination.

SphereHead: How can common man appraoch you to get justice.

BlackCoats: Roflmao

SphereHead: Please not again

BlackCoats: To reach us, you get to the agents of our masters or you should have ground your ass off on the floors of our mansions. You can only hope that our master throws this kind glances on your issues and you might get a chance to get heard and have a lot of patience and live long enough to get your case heard till the end.

SphereHead: So you follow your own masters and not the rules.

BlackCoats: Rules are for the meek and the powerful make rules out of thin air.

SphereHead: So breaking rules is good.

BlackCoats: If you break rules you shall be harassed no end. We could send a person to jail for cheating Rs.26 for life and let a hundred crore cheater to travel abroad and wait for him to come to us to hear his views.

SphereHead: Is it money then?

BlackCoats: Money is for beggars.

SphereHead: Is it fame?

BlackCoats: Fame is for idiots.

SphereHead: What is that makes you hear only certain types of cases?

BlackCoats: You are asking questions which you are not supposed to know and your life might be in danger if you probe deeper.

SphereHead: What if I want to know the truth?

BlackCoats: For this you have to get into the corridors of power and hold a position of power.

SphereHead: So Modi knows about this master?

BlackCoats: Hmmm. And he seems to be fighting a losing battle.

SphereHead: Is there no way Modi can win this battle.

BlackCoats: Let me not explain ways to help my opponent as you are a Bhakth.

SphereHead: So you consider Modi as your opponent.

BlackCoats: Ofcourse he is the biggest enemy of the nation.

SphereHead: Thanks for letting me know the truth.

Before I could ask any further, the Karnataka judement came out and I realized that the BlackCoats have just gone with the flow for the moment with a dangerous precedent set for future usurping of the powers of the governor. By attempting to hear about the acts of governor, the blackcoats have entered into politics in a big way. I hope to meet the BlackCoat again to get a clearer idea about his future plans.

Image Credit: https://atlasinfiniti.com/blog/legal-attire-for-lawyers-and-judges/ (the coat attire)


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