April 19, 2019

SphereHead with PuppetCM

In the bad old days of advanced robotics, India had a robotic PM who just obeyed his master’s wishes without questioning because Robots were made to follow the Isaac Asimov’s laws. But in our case the robot followed Maino’s laws. 10 years of suffering by the people under a robotic PM, India elected a normal Hindu Human Being as the PM and things did not change much according to some while there are drastic changes according to some others. But the words that follow henceforth are not about PM as too much is being written and Modi himself has not met us. This is about the latest invention of the greatest and the most corrupt party in the world and its ability to reinvent itself. As with all the talks of SphereHead, this one too is with the latest invention by the corrupt party which I would like to call Congress.

Congress: You seem to be getting close to Saffron parties and you expressed yourself as a Bhakth. Do you wish to get promotions or do you want to live short like those in the democratic paradise.

SphereHead: Democratic Paradise???

Congress: Yes, in the secular West Bengal, the democracy is thriving and is doing wonders to the people of the state.

SphereHead: Thanks but no thanks. I donot want to be a trilochan nor do I want to be a vikas sachdeva or any other person. Kindly shower me with your good graces so that I could become like the boxer or Coupmaster.

Congress: You seem to learn the tricks of the trade really well. In quick time you have realized where the power resides.

SphereHead: Like Mahadev drunk poison to save the world, you too have drunk the power a bit too much.

Congress: Power is poison and it is proved by Pappu. He thought that power was his divine right and it has poisoned him to such an extent that he is not able to recognize the reality from fantasy.

Spherehead: Like the Gollum of the LoR fame where in the ring poisoned Gollum’s mind.

Congress: But that is another matter and we have decided to meet you to show our latest technological invention.

SphereHead: You too innovate? I have thought that you have always recycled your old ideas from the times of British or other invaders.

Congress: As it is widely accepted that History repeats itself, we believe in preserving what is scarce. Hence we recycle the same old things. But at times, a invention too takes place and we are always proud of it. (clapping their hands excitedly…)

SphereHead: Wow

Congress: Did you like the new invention?

SphereHead: Unbelievable.

Congress: All it took was a chair to turn yet another proud individual into a puppet that our Pappu plays with happily.

SphereHead: Is he normal or have you given the power of pappu to him?

 Congress: In the earlier invention, there were no conscience and hence it was easier to convert humans to do our bidding. But with every year new issues crop up and hence we decided to upgrade the technology. We decided to give choice to the individual and yet he would be fully under our control

SphereHead: So you are taking a lot of inspirations from movies? Like Matrix…

Congress: Actually No. All the credit goes to pappu and it is because of him we got to this invention.

SphereHead: How could pappu get credit for this invention?

Congress: Very simple. Even though Pappu is put on the top pedestal of the party, he is fully under the control of us. He might think that he is incharge but the real power rests elsewhere and I think you understand.

SphereHead: Congrats on your new invention.

Congress: We found it highly successful and we are going to get this product in the market very soon and people cannot say no to such an offer.

SphereHead: You become the Puppet Masters.

Congress: That’s what we have always been. The blame and shame is to the puppet and the prize and rewards to the masters.

SphereHead: Can I talk to the PuppetCM.

Congress: You can talk all you want but you will be surprised by the technology used. Talk to the toy as much as you need and leave the place when you wish.

SphereHead: Hello CM sir.

PuppetCM: I have to ask Pappu because I became CM because of Pappu.

SphereHead: Atleast you can say hello

PuppetCM: My hello is only for those who gave me the power and not to others.

SphereHead: Ok fine. Can you speak on any matters or you have to seek Pappu’s permission.

Congress: No. I am the CM and I am no puppet of anyone.

SphereHead: People think that you cannot run the government for the full 5year term.

PupperCM: The people have failed themselves twice- by not electing me as CM and then not looking the fake of the capital city of the state.

SphereHead: So you will do the bidding of Pappu.

PupperCM: I am a man of honesty and integrity and I shall work for the people who have given me power.

SphereHead: Can you say who the people you are referring to.

PupperCM: I have to ask Pappu.

SphereHead: What are you plans for the state?

PupperCM:  I have to ask Pappu.

SphereHead: What about the 2019 elections.

PupperCM: Appayya for PM, oops Pappu for PM.

SphereHead: What?

PupperCM: Just erase the last line and I have to ask Pappu for more details. Bye.

This is the second time that an interview with a famous personality is giving bizarre insights into the thinking of the people. Hopefully, the state gets governance and corruption is going to be a humungous scale as many of the alleged intellectuals have already agreed that the state is the ATM of congress for a long time to come. As the thoughts of the loot began to intensity, I jumped out of my imagination to realize that power outages have already started.


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