April 24, 2019

Spinning Off Gandhi : Whose Prerogative Is It?

Sudhanshu Trivedi aptly described Khadi as a concept. Its not a commodity.Modi’s image on Khadi Village Industries Commission (KVIC) diaries and calendars has left the “Pseudo-Gandhis” fuming. Their exclusive right to appropriating “Gandhi” was being infringed upon. For decades they appropriated Mahatma Gandhi’s name and milked it to their advantage. Selective Brand Building exercise for Nehru-Gandhi family, at the cost of taxpayers’ money, was done by Congress to gain political brownie points over its rivals. The current state of textiles and handloom industry speaks volumes about apathy of Congress governance. Modi took the mantle of reviving Khadi and sales skyrocketed. Youth has started embracing Khadi like never before. Modi is the poster boy of resurrecting Khadi. Modi’s picture on calendars and diaries is not an act of replacing the Mahatama. The legacy of Mahatma, which was left in lurch by the pseudo Gandhis, is being carried forward by Modi. Be it Swachh Bharat or the promotion of Khadi, Modi left no stone unturned in bringing back ideals of Gandhi to mainstream. The pseudo Gandhi dynasty has discarded the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi. Simplicity gave way to opulence. They cruise around in Range Rovers. For years they fought to eradicate poverty. Poverty did not lose, they won big time and got rich. Amazon , online marketplace, has slippers listed with image of Mahatma Gandhi on it. No Gandhi has raised a voice against it. This exposes their hollowness.

IMG_20170114_023231Megalomania got a new meaning when Nehru and Indira awarded themselves with Bharat Ratna. In a blind spree to name everything under the sun, they went berserk. From airports to institutions to awards, you cannot think of anything where they have not left their footprint. How do you explain to someone “Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award”? Which sport did Rajiv excel in? Over the counter games in bars in Italy? Can you think of any other game? Well “Cupid Games” may be another sport where Rajiv could have shown brilliance. No wonder, cupid games resulted in “Stupid” offspring. This offspring springs off to exotic places and comes back to entertain us. In fact, “Entertainment Awards” should be renamed after Rahul Gandhi. Body building awards should be named after Robert Vadra.  

Such awards are needed to keep the “Award Wapasi” tradition alive. How would liberals breathe in absence of these award wapasi events? The Lit fests and conclaves need them for their survival but longevity of the dynasty is short lived. It’s time to read the writing on the wall.

No Padmasana is needed. Just stand up and take notice.

Picture Credit: Screenshots from Twitter and WhatsApp Narendra Modi


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