May 20, 2019

Splintered Opposition ..

The spunk is gone. The Congress leadership that was strutting around as if 2019 belonged to them – subsequent to the Gujarat moral victory – has gone into a collective sulk . It’s leader has gone-off to Italy to give his 93 year old ‘Nani’ a hug , not bothering to care for his 132 year old ‘Nani’ who is fighting for her life in an ICU back home.

Is there anything that the Congress can possibly look forward to?

Not really because at the mention of KARNATAKA, a huge groan can be heard from the Congress cadre. Siddaramaiah may shout at the top of his voice that there is no Modi wave but ‘Sleeping Sidda’ (as he is popularly known in Karnataka) is wide awake and knows that the Modi juggernaut is all set to steamroll the Kannada state.

It’s been four years since Congress lost to a phenomenon call Narendra Modi . But they are yet to figure out what hit them , and furthermore , the rout after rout only goes to prove that they are not even in a nascent stage of avoiding another sucker punch in the next general elections . The Congress habit of never making efforts to rebuilt will cost them dear – they never cared to rebuild the Nation during their decades of rule , now there is no effort to rebuild the party.

K Chandra Shekhar Rao , the Chief Minister of Telengana , has given a call for an united front in an effort to erect a credible Opposition to the Modi led BJP . Didi was quick to react . Many other regional satraps are also expected to respond . These developments are , in a way , a setback to the Congress . Smaller and regional parties who were contemplating on accepting Rahul as the only alternative to Modi are having second thoughts . The recent electoral hiccup has literally thrown a spanner in the Congress design to project itself as the only credible option.

No doubt , a strong opposition is vital to a democracy , but it’s not a choice for the ruling party to make, it’s for the Opposition to play a responsible role . It’s for the Opposition to flag issues that are detrimental to the interests of the nation and support measures that benefit the nation . But when the opposition’s actions and intentions are found to lack commitment then it can lead to a situation where they lose relevance . Congress finds itself in such a situation , and they have nobody to blame but themselves.

The race to stitch-up an alliance of anti-BJP parties will hot-up in the days to come . It can prove to be both productive and counterproductive to the BJP:

Productive because the BJP can sell the horror story of a nation in the hands of unholy bedfellows forming an opportunistic coalition that can have a regressive impact.

Counter productive because regional players joining hands with disgruntled allies of NDA backed by Congress and Communists can eat into Modi’s lead denying him the absolute majority that he needs to push forward his agenda.

Providence is the only hope for Rahul and his party. Congress bets big on a scenario that panned out in the immediate aftermath of the Gujarat results . Where despite losing to the BJP, the Congress morale received a boost pitchforking it to the status of the only challenger to BJP. All their hopes rest on such a scenario arising out of elections to two key BJP ruled states of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.


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