May 19, 2019

Spokes Person and News Channels- What’s Wrong?

This business of debates on Prime Time on news channels has become a daily ritual. The kind of names they have for this sort of subzi mandi program are also amazing. Besides the theme everything happens. The game starts and ends on TRP.

  • The news channels selects speakers such as Rahul Eshwar and other who are more of apologists for communists, christians and muslims.
  • The adjective usage for the introduction of speakers is setting up the mindset of the listeners
  • When it comes to the christian and islamic view, these channels put up a bit of extreme hardliners as speakers
  • The news channels (most of them) give tremendous respect to islamic, christian or communist speakers but mock at the hindu speakers.

Nation wants to know has lived it’s life. Why?

Nation can’t listen when anchors scream at their guests. Nation can’t listen when anchor gets up from the chair just to feel fully satisfied that he has spoken his heart out. Subtle mix of selectively chosen words and sentences spoken in high and low pitch with tender respect for the society is a waste. A news studio is a news studio and can’t be a battle ground for some and everyday platform to check the optimum decibel level the ear drums can take. Well it’ s business and no one can change a person. But the citizens do change the channel. Others are no different.

These TRPs are for their own financial health and nothing to do with the Nation. Yes anything besides TRP that matters to these News Channels is their hatred towards BJP, RSS, MODI and of course Hinduism. A picture is portrayed as if caste system, muderer, rapists, fake Baba exists only in one religion. If you have to talk about making fun of Gods, then too all are shit scared of Muslims. No one wants to invite a run over in their office premises like Azad Maidan act of Raza Academy.

These TRP hungry news anchors want CMs and Cabinet Ministers to resign. How many of them have resigned for airing misleading news? How many have resigned for spoiling career of some youths? How many have resigned after insulting Shaheed Bhagat Singh? This is list is big and it will only be wise for the spokes person also to question the news anchors. This can’t be one way traffic.

With all this in background I wonder why all the political parties have spokes person for these news channels. The topic for debates are decided in advance to please their masters. Half the time these spokes person are not allowed to talk. The questions of the anchor are at times more lengthy than the answers they expect. Add to it screaming by other panelists.

What needs to be done is a simple exercise by all political parties. Bring in transparency in these debates. This is possible if all political parties agree to come on common platform to dictate some ethical terms to the news channels:

Political parties can decide a time table for all news channel.

Each political party also agree to decide the topic for debate. This should be shared with the viewers.

Guests other than political parties can be invited the news channel.

While this may not be a full proof plan. Whole idea of this article is to tell the spokes person of all political parties that it is not hard and fast to be present on all debates, specially if you are not aware of the subject.

Bring in some civility in debates. If murder has happend it has happened. Along with news anchors and journalists don’t make a tamashaa. Let it settle down. Latest case is child murdered in Ryan school. How on earth can a journalists keep on asking questions to the mother. Are you human? Please ask yourself.

On matters of national importance, no separatists or anyone with anti national views should be invited. If channel wants to invite, let them speak to such people one to one.

News channels will not change. Spokes person can.

Do  share your inputs. Lets work on this if possible. Nation will benefit.

Credit to @SPHEREHEADSAYS  for suggesting imp points.

Picture Credit: YouTube and Times Now


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