April 19, 2019

Spreading Smiles Campaign for Students by Sri Sri

In the wake of rising incidents of suicides among students caused due to stress, pressure and lack of information about tools to handle highly stressful situations they have to face, The Art of Living founder, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will lead an interaction with about one lakh students in Kota as part of the organization’s  ‘Spreading Smiles Campaign’ on 15th Jan 2017.

The event titled, ‘Utsah’ will have the Hon’ble Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje as  the chief guest.

Along with a meditation session, Sri Sri will also answer questions from students on issues varying from how to handle extremely stressful situations that present themselves during such intesne preparations,  how to prepare for exams in the most efficient manner, how to handle failures among other issues relevant to the student community.

The event aims to help  students combat stress while preparing for their engineering and medical entrance examinations and bring in more confidence and fearlessness in them.

This will be a first of its kind event wherein a spiritual leader will address such a mammoth gathering of students.  The event will be webcast live in more than 120 countries through internet and facebook live.

About Spreading Smiles Campaign

The Art of Living launched an initiative ‘The Spreading Smiles Campaign’ in the city of Kota, Rajasthan in July 2016 to combat stress amongst coaching students preparing for their engineering and medical entrance examinations.

This event is a culmination of a 6-month-long-campaign called ‘Spreading Smiles, Kota’ which has seen 80,000 students learn meditation techniques so far. The Art of Living launched this massive initiative to help aspiring students, who are preparing for entrance examinations, combat the heightened level of stress. Kota, the coaching capital of India, has a significant student population. Apart from meditation, over 6,000 students have also learnt the Art of Living’s powerful rhythmic breathing technique Sudarshan Kriya.

Under the campaign, a team of full time volunteers and trained yoga, meditation teachers who are also engineers, doctors and from varied backgrounds by profession reached out to IIT/PMT aspirants in their respective hostels and coaching centers. So far, more than 50,000 students have experienced meditation and over 5000+ students have learnt the powerful rhythmic breathing technique ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ in the past 6 months.

The coaching institutes realized the need for teaching some practical ancient techniques that students can incorporate in their daily routine to evolve as stronger human beings. All prominent coaching institutes namely Allen, Resonance, Vibrant, Career Point, Motion, Akash, Bansals have extended the support.


Pradyumn Kumar, an IIT aspirant from Uttar Pradesh shares that the techniques have made him experience a relaxed mind and has improved his performance in studies. “The program has helped me increase concentration not just in studies, but also while doing daily chores and has given me the confidence to face troubling situations,” adds Shahzadi Praveen, from Bihar who is attending coaching for MBBS entrance exam.

“The Sudarshan Kriya has corrected my disturbed sleep pattern and helped me get rid of procrastination and laziness,” testifies Manisha Kumari Singh.

“Just be calm and relax. You will get your answers automatically”- Sri Sri

With inputs from Art of Living Bureau of Communication
The Art of Living International Centre
Bangalore- Karnataka

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