March 22, 2019

#StatueBandi: Liberal Hypocrisy

Strange are the ways of Dynasty stooges (read Liberals). As long statues are unveiled befitting Nehru-Gandhi nomenclature , normalcy prevails. Statues,memorials, stadiums, institutions et al are fiefdoms of the dynasty. The Shivaji Maharaj memorial has proved to be a thorn in flesh. Outrage and cost benefit analysis is the flavor of the day. Cost benefit theory is discounted when it comes to the dynasty. Land worth crores in Delhi is dedicated to Nehruvian and Pseudo Gandhian memorials. Schools , colleges and hospitals could have been erected on those land parcels. Shri PV Narasimha Rao memorial had to wait for years to see the light of the day. This explains the hypocrisy of the liberals who have been furious at the Shivaji memorial.

Mayawati memorials cost a whopping 5919 crore as per reports compiled by Lucknow Development Authority in 2012. Liberal were in sleep mode then. Ambedkar memorial in Lucknow cost around 7 billion rupees. The champions of dalits did not do a cost benefit analysis for dalit empowerment then.

Since no amount of reasoning can hold good. Lets conceptualize, for the comfort of Liberals,”Nehru Smarak” beside Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi. The promiscuity and Nehruvian cult of debauchery ,which is conveniently kept hidden from history books, should be carved out in stone for public to see. Historians like Ramchandra Guha will be uneasy at the mere thought of Nehru Smarak. The benchmark set by Nehru in promiscuity has been raised to next level by leaders like ND Tiwary, Digvijay Singh and Abhishek Manu Singhvi. So , Nehru Smarak makes more sense than Shivaji memorial. Atleast there will be no outrage from Liberals.

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