March 18, 2019

Stone Pelting For The Nation? The Nation Deserves Better!

If youth in the valley are pelting stones for the “Nation”, how come the young Omar Abdullah did not lead by example? Why kith and kin of separatists do not pelt stones? Money coming from ISI budgetary allocation has kept these separatists and mainstream political parties in the valley comfortable. They have put the youth and children in the line of fire and made political capital out of it. Unemployment makes these young men easy prey to handlers of terrorists and they pelt stones for money and not for nation. Farooq Abdullah is pandering to separatists only to win Lok Sabha by-elections.

Pelting stones when anti – terror operations are going on is an act of war/treason. Shouldn’t young Omar Abdullah pelt stones at security forces when these terror operations are going on and prove his father’s point for the nation? If stone pelting is for nation, then hurling hand grenades would be for “World Peace”. The criteria for Nobel Peace Prize should be changed to accommodate such revolutionary thought process. Killing two birds with one stone – that’s the genius of Abdullah senior.

Farooq Abdullah has spoken about US mediating in Kashmir issue. A wishful thinking. It hardly comes as a surprise. Abdullah’s, over decades, have milked Kashmir problem. They want to make it murkier by suggesting the possibility of US intervention so that they can eke out some gain from the deal. This is not going to happen at all. Political viability of National Conference and Congress in the valley is on the wane. Both Congress and National Conference are instrumental in fuelling unrest so that PDP-BJP government fails in governance goals. Stone pelting would lead to more civilian deaths and that would alienate the people form the army and government. This is what both ISI and opposition parties want in the state. 1000 Cr amount has been set aside for this stone pelting assignment.

The nation deserves participation of the youth in mainstream and not in stone pelting. More than one lakh young men appeared for police recruitment in the valley offers a ray of hope. The distracted ones need to join the mainstream and defeat nefarious designs of Abdullahs.

Picture Credit: Screenshot from Twitter (TOI)


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