April 19, 2019

#StonedToDeath: The Non Violent Movement


IMG-20170217-WA0063If stone pelting is non violent movement then calling Maoists “Messiahs with Guns” would not be an aberration. Stone Pelting is innocuous as long as the stone does not hit these Liberals and Arm Chair Thinkers cum Spinners of False Narrative.

Aligning Stone pelting with Non Violence is like awarding Sanjay Jha with Nobel Prize in Physics or honoring Digvijay Singh with “A” Certificate in Fidelity (read “Adultery”). This non violent movement has injured thousands of our armed forces. Thank God, Gandhiji is not alive today to see this blatant misinterpretation of his non violent movement. What could be next on agenda? Eating ” Beef” and “Steak” will be “Satyagraha”?

Shouldn’t armed forces be allowed freedom to counter the non violent movement with ” Toys”? No! These toys are too dangerous. Poor sons of headmasters get blinded while loitering on the streets. Why do these sons do moonlighting on streets when curfew is imposed? Because flirting with law is their forte. No more “Toy Story”. Its time to transport them to heaven for 72 Virgins. Air transportation will not be through Virgin Airways.

On a serious note, a mosquito made Yasin Malik find virtues in Stone pelting and he was enlightened with Non Violence.

Misrepresentation is the new normal. Some inane free thinkers are twisting the International Law to defend stone pelters. Separatists would be patronized under Geneva Convention? What a mockery?

Going will surely be difficult for the Stone Pelters.

Picture Credit: Screen Shots from Social Media, Thanks to all. Daily Mail , Twitter


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