May 21, 2019

Stop Blaming the Core

One tweet by @TheVedicZing seem to have convinced the supporters of BJP that NOTA is the one of the sole reasons for the failure of BJP in the 2018 elections. The single tweet by @TheVedicZing has become proof that 3,22,841 voters who pressed NOTA have all failed the BJP.  If such a fantasy land ever existed then BJP would have never come to power. During the various elections that BJP lost or won this author too fell for such simplistic voting patterns explanations but with the debacles comes patience. The reasons for victory and defeat are not as simplistic as we presume. Even the modern day pollsters fail to predict the mood the nation and BJP supporters get convinced to declare the exact kind of people who did not vote for BJP and for what reasons. Also we donot know the exact kind of people who vote NOTA and for what reasons. So a twitter user with 2942 followers has convinced people with more than several thousand followers that all the NOTA voters were indeed BJP voters who have pressed the damned button to defeat Modi in the recently held Karnataka elections. This is being too ambitious without knowing if the statement made is true.

Before dwelling further into the blaming attitude of the BJP supporters, the understanding of the Core is important. The twitter handle @realitycheckind is a keen observer of the laws related to equality. @pranasutra has explained in brief what the Core means and is listed below:

A short introduction to #Core terminology conceived by @realitycheckind

#Core1 – Parity in Education. Uniform application of laws for all players.

#Core2 – Create common pool of public goods/resources and ensure equitable distribution of same.

#Core3 – Open data and utilization info on Quotas issue. Ensure demonstration of violence potential removed from equation.

#Core4 – Control of Temples back to Hindus. Genuine issues that may exist to be handled via labeling, channeling etc.

#Core5 – Legal recognition for essential practices of ‘pagan’ Hindu religion. Take PIL out of the equation.

#Core6 – Special place & recognition for Cows. If this becomes burden on exchequer devise schemes with burden on Hindus. But cows are ours!

(Sourced from

From the terminology of core it becomes clear that only Hindu based party can deliver the results. In the current political scenario that exists in Bharat, it is only the BJP that can deliver on this agenda because all other parties are playing the game as per the IoI rules. Till recently I thought that there were two wings on the Right-cultural right and economic right and each having a different set of priorities. But the recent adjectivizing Core makes one believe that there are even more groups with in the Right. We can say it as Core and non-Core. With Core will come under the Cultural Right Wing the non-Core will be mostly under the Economic Right wing but their priorities are completely different. On a broad sense the differences between the various groups is only superficial if all the action items are listed but the problem arises because of the priorities of each group. If parity in education is top priority of Core group then protection of local festivals would be the top priority to the cultural Right. If the economic right wants near zero subsidies the non-Core wants BJP to form governments in all states and consolidate power in RS to get crucial bills passed. Not many know what the bills the BJP would love to pass and not many know if the government wants to reduce subsidies. One thing is clear that the government is in no mood to bring in equality and protect the festivals from the PIL terrorism.

Talking about broad policies is one thing but how is talking about Core issue is a problem for a party which talks about issues related to Hindus and raises hopes of Hindus during the pre-election rhetoric. The collective agenda of Hindus is not constant and this only benefits the anti-BJP parties because Hindus are more against their rival castes than their cultural enemies. The BJP talks big which are far related to Core issues hinting that it is talking about Core/cultural issues but when it comes to deliverance there is not even a hint of the intent. Coming back to the Karnataka election issue, if the Core issue was not a matter of importance, why was it placed in the election agenda in the last moment and why was it not made an issue right from the start? Why was the Lingayat issue allowed to blow up? Let us not say that everything is planned by Amit Shah even though he achieves impossible most of the time. How is that criticizing the BJP government about Core issue is able to convince urban voters and the large talks about Vikas is failing to convince the same people? If this is called victimhood, then gods save the BJP supporters.

The issue with the swinging BJP voters is also related to corruption issues because delivering corruption free governance is one thing but failing to jail corrupt is even more important. What BJP did to jail the corrupt when individual like Swamy complains that government is not helping with documents rings bells in the minds of the several people. The dubious distinction of delivering corruption free government and not jailing corrupt does not bode well in the long term. Getting abused by a set of people in media and feeding the same snakes in the hope of not getting bitten too is not liked by any. When there is too much noise from anti-BJP side with nil action, there is nothing that BJP loses when real action is taken because the noise is always there. The question is about the intent. BJP might win elections after election until it has Modi but after that there is not protection for the BJP voters because when the time was there, laws were not made to protect the voters and were only given prosperity. The Constitution screws the Hindus in bizarre ways and with no laws for protection, the screwing will only increase. The actions in Core areas would provide relief to the Hindus against the tyranny of the governments. So stop blaming Core for failure of the BJP to convince the voters to vote.

Before I am judged, I am a Hindutva keyboard warrior, attending rallies and contribute financially within my own limits to the BJP. I have Voted for Modi and BSY and will continue to vote. As @pranasutra said the core will not be silenced. I would like to add Core  is not communist utopia of fake equality but protection against the tyranny of the discriminatory Constitution that is thrusted on the citizens of Bharat. Pappu knows that it PM post is his if the BJP supporters even falter once because of the ticking population bombs in various locations and huge international support. So stop blaming the Core and provide some justice to the voters when there is time. Core is prevention and Vikas is cure and the saying goes prevention is better than cure but not many desire prevention even in modern times.

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