April 19, 2019

Stop the Sermons

There is nothing that binds Modi and his insignificant supporter because as a politician it was Modi’s job to campaign and gain supporters and then deliver on the promises that he feels significant. Not all promises made can be fulfilled in a short span of time. But the continuous moral sermonizing to only the tolerant section of the nation because of the rise in fake intolerance is a bit too much.

Real Gau Rakshaks: These groups have been on the fore front of fighting the cattle smuggling mafia who are well protected by several layers of the government. Modiji you have passed laws to prevent illegal cattle business, but the law is stuck for one reason or another. But why cannot you ensure that the BSF fully stops the charade of illegal cattle smuggling at the borders. Even the Bangladesh officials have asked the BSF to stop this illegal trade. When you said that the mothers should ask their sons where they have been instead of asking their daughters, I thought you are going to be too good and shall question all kinds of bigotry. Instead of asking those who are indulging violence in the name of cows, why not appeal to those who are doing the smuggling to stop all their activities so that the suspicion will end. Also why not, you ask the media fellows whom your ministers love very much to stop spreading fake news in the name of cows? Last but not the least why not you ask the rights activists and the open black blobs (judges) decide on the bill that has been passed and for its implementation by the states.

Fake Padres: The Christian leader seem to have a keen ear of yours because Mr. Modi you seem to be worried only about their concerns in every area. You have even lectured the average Indian about the need for tolerance when it was in abundance. You have remained silent when the American Bomb Daddy talked about intolerance growing in India. By the way not many Indians who have voted for you would know about these sermons by foreign presidents. But when the truth came out, did you ask the Christian leaders to try not to bring disrepute to the nation by their fake propaganda? Even a few days back a Christian bigot was caught destroying some places worship in a balanced fashion and you did not even mention about it and did not dare to question the Christian community for peddling fake concerns all the time while their pedophile clergy go about messing with our children. Mr.Modi are you becoming another Mahatma who wanted Indians to die at the hands of some ideology murderers so that there might be a change of murderer’s heart and he would spare us?

Law and Order: Even though the law and order is a state subject when the muck is being thrown at you, there is no point in collecting all the muck. The same gig cannot be used twice on the same set of people, but your political experience is too exhaustive so that I shall not even speak about it. But the point is some groups are virtually threatening the common citizens and the law and order machinery is practically sleeping in many cases and we have not found you sermonizing these dangerous groups nor you have made public pronouncements. Yes we are lazy people who cannot march on the streets because we have to make a living unlike the others who are supported in more ways by particular groups appeasing governments. We cannot take a day off and do stone pelting to make our concerns heard. Even though it is a big task for a PM to look into the law and order at every police station, kindly do not indulge in sermons to only one community when the control for the same is not in your hands.

Sermonizing Modiji, you have done too many good things in the past three years and if not for you, a part of our nation would have been gifted to Pakistan. Lakhs of crores would have been siphoned from the public wealth while many terrorists would have killed ordinary citizens in every part of the country. The party before you had interests which are in extreme opposite direction to the people of this nation and would have successfully proved that we are all terrorists by fake manipulations of open black blobs.  You seem to have put a break of most of the government sponsored illegalities against the citizens most of the times. But the Delhi air is highly poisonous because there is an angry nagin with her fangs out because her baby snakes are partially defanged. The public sermons to the general public seem to be at odds with the philosophy with which the children of Bharat Mata have survived all this time.

Modiji, please stop the Sermons if you cannot take actions to solve the issues and continue with your non responsiveness to the muck thrown at you all the time. Why are your poodle spokespersons not exposing the muck throwers and still act as they are slaves of the earlier government? Please give Sermons to your ministers to speak the truth and only the truth and ask them to at least act like they have the power which does not seem to have happening.

Picture Credit: Zee News


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