May 24, 2019

Stree and Shakti- The Woman Empowerment

स्त्री ‘… बहुत सिमित हैंअपने शब्दों में ”  ……. लेकिन, बहुत विस्तृत हैअपने अर्थो में

A woman by nature is multi-talented and multi-faceted – HH Sri Sri Ravi Shanker

Have we ever wondered about the *We* when we suggest that *We need to get more women into the workspace*, Approximately 70 percent of Indian population live on agriculture and both males and females of a family work equally hard to scrape a living, ever walk around a construction site  you will find couple of kids tied to a lamppost with a long rope and both mother and father at work.

*We* usually don’t take these people into account..

Much has been written recently about the plight of women in India. It is certainly true that on the scale of most economic and social indicators, women are lagging behind men. India is also facing the disturbing prospect of a serious gender gap. Whereas men may have greater physical energy than women the latter clearly have more internal and emotional energy. It is not without reason then that women are identified with shakti in our civilization. If women are kept suppressed this shakti will be denied to the family and the society weakening all of them.

That women and men are equal in the eyes of dharma is made explicit in a beautiful sloka from the Rigveda: “O women! These mantras are given to you equally (as to men). May your thoughts, too, be harmonious. May your assemblies be open to all without discrimination. Your mind and consciousness should be harmonious. I (the rishi) give you these mantras equally as to men and give you all and equal powers to absorb (the full powers) of these mantras.” Rigveda 10-191-3.

Our vast religious literature and vedas  has been distorted by the self proclaimed historians and the colonial powers to denigrate Hindu culture and society.

Copy paste feminism – is on rise, may be  they want a society of  conundrum. Please don’t view my asserts as a speed-breaker to women’s will to break the stereotypes but to view the “stereotypes opinion that women’s march forward is out-do the male gender at his own game”.

There is no end to this game, it’s a wild goose chase, we may then live to observe both the genders competing with the the third Gender trying to out-do each other in the Gender War.

This entire world is the union of Prakrati and Purusha according to Samkhya School that stood on the edifice of Vedic scriptures. Prakrti is the feminine energy and the Purusha is the masculine form of a single absolute entity. ‘

Co-Creation is the long term reality- based solution than to take a short sighted politically correct approach of Pro-Particular Gender bordering on to “Feminazism“.

We need to stop dissecting our current discourse with any borrowed lenses.

Remember, Europe had a real problem with The Church garnering entire powers of “The Executive” as well as ‘The Judiciary” and even ‘The God’. Hence, there was a real need to bring in Secularism (and they did it). What we imported was the most skewed form of secularism (and thus a new word is born‘Pseudo secularism’).

Why women wait to be given power. Just assume it. Unfortunately most of the feminine movements today are demanding rights. What are you demanding. Women have equal rights. Just own it and assert your rights!

One of the reasons why we try to build up this narrative of including “women as part of workforce” is because we have never gone into the depth of job profile of a home-maker, the unfortunate popular opinion is that it is job akin to “house-keeping staff”, well, its  certainly not.

A Mother is the first Guru a “Moral Science Educator”

She is “Preventive Healthcare Practiioner” Our grandmothers stopped cooking due to physical incapacitation but were “Quality Paramedics”.

If you closely watch what grew in the backyard of our grand mothers, she was a “Green Activist” reducing carbon footprints to 10%… 98% of Green Activists today are in “Green Advocacy” not the Practice of it.

She was “Spiritual Anchor”, 50% of issues in the world today are due to lack of spiritual quotient which gives rise to road rage, angry colleagues and busy advocates…

She was the ‘Banker’ who converted liquid money to gold ornaments and in times of distress, liquidated it.

She was the ‘Priest at Charge’ and did not need to shout into a microphone to invoke the Almighty.

She was also a “Social conduit and a hard haggler” teaching her children to develop social skills and not worry about competency mapping  too early on by bringing her into the so called “Workforce”, we have merely converted her ‘Diverse Skill Sets into a single skill set’ individual with higher number of insights into a singular vertical.

Is it wrong, no it’s not. We only need to sensitize ourselves about our losses and collate them against our gains, are we loosing wars in order to win battles?

However, “Balance is the only True Romance”

We must free her from her duties in this workforce with greater number of days for maternity and work from home options. On her part, she can re-skill herself on return. She is our ‘only connect’ between our society of today and our collective future of tomorrow.

“She is our only hope” and amidst the three genders, has conduits and responsibilities spread across the vast canvas of time and space.

It is not out of context to consider Ms. Suzanne Brogger’s opinion. It is in her words – “If a woman can only succeeded by emulating men, I think it is a great loss and not a success. The aim is not only for a woman to succeed, but to keep her womanhood and let her womanhood influence society” . ‘

Nearly always, it’s the educated, who need education. And that’s the trilogy of Learn, UnLearn and ReLearn. Remember, शिवा without the शक्ति is शव and the Guru who gave us a grandiose thought leader such as Swami Vivekanand was an उपासक of स्त्री शक्ति.

Indian scriptures place tremendous amount of power in women. In fact, the primordial energy known as Shakti which is the life force behind the whole creation is feminine. That is why our scriptures honor women as the highest aspect of divinity- The Aadhya Shakti

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