April 24, 2019


When a campaign for a product or service is planned the marketing team, brand managers and their agency put their their head together to create a innovative campaign to beat their rival brands.

At times the SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat) is also discussed apart from the market share, market penetration, etc. At the end of the exercise the Big Idea (Theme) is created.

I never thought that this would one day be used in one of the most ruthless manner for political gains.

Let us go in flashback to check some of the old campaigns.

Modi is Mass Murderer. This is not just a statement. Congress tried to Brand Modi as mass murderer with the help of News Traders. Over one decade of this exercise flopped miserably because the citizens were self educated and could not be mislead by hammering wrong message.

When it was realized that he has got the ticket and nominated as PM candidate. An effort was put to Brand Advaniji as secular and more competitive. When it was realized that there would be no change then effort were put to use fear psychosis (PR Campaign). The PR campaign that was explicit said that if he became PM thousands of Muslims would be killed. Now that’s a different thing that Hindus are being butchered in WB, Kerala.

To gain public sympathy lots of tricks were used. Slapping, throwing shoe and ink…….. the list is endless and unbelievable.

The campaign managers of AAP and Congress have forgotten that time has changed. The product or a service can be pushed to some extent but nothing can beat word of mouth publicity.

Tragedy Tourism is an excellent Idea. You get instant publicity. But this has it’s own flip side. If someone wants to invest time in Tragedy Tourism then they need to be prepared for all kind of tragedy. You can’t be selective based on caste, creed or color.


Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal both are known to travel far off places for tragedy, never bothered to visit this Doctor house. Why? It spoils their vote bank.


The bigger question is what is this SUICIDE?

Was Shri Ram Kishan compelled to commit suicide? Was it stage managed? Who all were there in the surrounding? Who recorded the audio / phone call he made to his son?

Let us check three separate incidence. Pictures will do the talking.



images (1)



Now check this. These people don’t even have the basic courtesy of not showing their Close Up Smile at such time.When you want to save someone you are on your toes. The concern is written on your body language.


Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal needs to understand time has changed. Modi is there from Scratch to Execution. Not just a ceremonial PM.


Small is big.

When Amitabh Bachchan announced his entry on Television people laughed. Now everyone in bollywood wants to be on Kapil Sharma Show before their film launch. If that is not enough they would come on Tarak Mehta ka Ulta Chashma before their film launch.

Social Media is the playground of nationalists. No matter how much differences the nationalists citizens may have but their agenda is one. Keep exposing all Anti Nationals.

Why Brand Modi is unbeatable?

  • The consumers (citizens who voted for him) never waste time in pin pointing faults in government and they are never taken to task.
  • The well wishers of Brand Modi may have differences but their goal is the same.
  • The well wishers themselves are a mix of some of the best talent in the industry who keep sharing their views on social media.
  • The consumer is the aggregator and aggregator is consumer. Nationalist citizens do their own research and facts finding. This is 24 x 7 process. Paid media can never beat this.

There is no decency left. The only thing left for these people to do is use filthy words on camera now.



This johny is telling lies. His memory needs to be refreshed.

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Picture Credit: Screenshots from Twitter and WhatsApp


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